Arduino TFT TouchScreen LCD Display Review

Introduction: Arduino TFT TouchScreen LCD Display Review

This is a REVIEW and a quick tutorial with code Included!

Step 1: Upload Library to Arduino IDE

Go to = if you have the same library as me, IF YOU HAVE ADAFRUIT LIBRARY THEN UPLOAD THAT

Go to Arduino IDE and go to Sketch >> Include Library >> Add .zip Library and choose the library you downloaded from GitHub.

Step 2: Upload the Code!

Download 3.5 TFT DEMO from this page and open it with Arduino IDE.

If you're using Adafruit LCD then change the <MCUFRIEND_kbv.h> from the top of th page to: <Your_Library.h>

Step 3: Wiring the Display!

Its EASY! Just put everything into the board. If you don't understand then look at the schematics.

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