Introduction: Arduino TV-B-Gone

Some time ago i found the tv-b-gone kit on the internet, and i really wanted one of those! Problem: I don't live in USA so the shipping costs were huge! After some search on google  I'we found that this guy adapted the code from the ATtiny85v chip inside the TV-B-gone to the arduino. So here it is, a tutorial for those who have an arduino laying around and some other stuff:

-1K resistor
-2n4401 transistor
-jumper wires

More details and files on my website

Step 1: Make It!

          First, connect the 5v pin from the arduino board to the second horizontal rail of the breadboard and the GND pin of the arduino to the first one. Now, place your pushbutton, LED , transistor and resistor on the breadboard according to the schematic. Connect one of the pushbutton's pin to the ground and the second one to the digital pin 2 on the arduino board.
         Now for the transmitter part, you will have to connect the collector pin of the npn transistor to the 5v rail , the base to the digital pin 3 and the emitter to the anode (+) pin of the  LED. The cathode will be attached to GND trough a 1k resistor.
         *Note:If you're in Europe, you'l have to connect the digital pin 5 to ground trough a 1k ohm resistor.

         Your breadboard should look like this now:

Step 2: Programming the Arduino Board:

Download the Arduino sketch and open the TVB.pde file with the Arduin IDE. Three other tabs should open next. Now just upload the code frome the TVB.pde on the arduino and connect everything together! Enjoy Shutting down the TV's from shops and restaurants!