Arduino Tank Kit

Introduction: Arduino Tank Kit

We gathered all the tools we needed - they're on the left of the picture.

Don't forget a battery charger!

On the right of the picture is our Tank Kit, which we got from ArrowDot Store, Phnom Penh.


  • Pliers

-A Screwdriver

-Wire cutters


-USB cable

-Soldering iron

-Battery Charger

-Allen keys

and a tank kit

Step 1: Soldering Cables to the Motors

We have to solder the red wires to the motors but you have to be careful not to burn wires or burn yourself. Make sure not to solder too long so that you would not burn the wires.

Step 2: The Wheels

We have already soldered the motors to the red wires, so we will now have to fix the motors to the chassis. Then we will have to fix the wheels to the motors and then fit the tracks to those wheels just like you see in the photos.

Step 3: The Platform

We have to fix the platform to the chassis like we can see in the photo. The platform is used to hold the electronics.

Step 4: The Electronics

We will have to fix the arduino on top of the platform and then the motors

Step 5: The Connecting Wire

First we connect the wire from the motor to the motor shield,then started to connect the bluetooth to the motor shield.

Step 6: The Battery

After we connect all of the wire, we have to start connecting the battery to the arduino so it can work.

Step 7: Coding

After we finished with our Tank, we start finding the code for our tank so that it can be work.

For the code we can find in on the internet.

Step 8: Phone App (Arduino Bluetooth Controller)

You can download this App through the link we gave you below.

Step 9: The Video

Through this video you can see how we do the racing between our tank and a car. You also can see how we test our tank.

Step 10: The Sketch(coding)

This is the sketch that we used to control our tank.

Step 11:

Our team

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