Introduction: Arduino To-Do List

This is the Arduino To-Do list. It's a normal To-Do list, but connected to Arduino. Whenever you finish a task, you will gain points, which you can then decide what to do.

How it works:

Write tasks you need to do on to a piece of paper. Then, insert the paper to the stripes on the board. The piece of paper should cover the photoresistor. When you finish the task, remove the piece of paper. You will gain points, which will be shown on the LCD.

Step 1: Materials


1 Breadboard

1 Arduino Leonardo


5 Photoresistors

5 Resistors (1000Ω)

17 Male-to-male Jumper Wires

10 Male-to-female Jumper Wires

Shoe Box


Utility Knife



Step 2: Cardboard

Cut the cardboard into a 20cm*30cm rectangle.

Put the cardboard vertically, and draw 5 3cm-wide stripes, leaving 2cm gaps between each stripe.

There are two layers in a cardboard. So, use a utility knife go cut through the 1st layer of the cardboard of the stripes. Then, remove the first layer by tearing it.

Step 3: Circuit

Put the components on to the breadboard and Arduino like the picture above.

NOTE: I used Arduino Leonardo instead of Arduino UNO. Also, the LCD in the circuit diagram is incorrect. Look at the actual picture instead.

Test the circuit with the Code

Step 4: Combine

After testing the circuit, combine the circuit with the board.

Remove your photoresistors from the breadboard, and replace them with the male side of the male-to-female jumper wires.

Cut 1 tiny hole at the center of the each stripe on the cardboard, and insert the photoresistors into the holes.

Connect the female side of the male-to-female jumper wires to the photoresistors. Use tape to secure the photoresistors and jumper wires on to the board.

Step 5: Decorate

Now that the To-Do list is finished, you can decorate it. Draw on it or color it to make it look nice. Also, I used a shoe box to hide the circuit.

Cut the diagonals of the sides of the shoe box.

Cut a 7cm*2.3cm hole on the side for the LCD.

Put the circuit in. The cardboard should cover the circuit.

Put the LCD into the hole on the side of the shoe box.

All Done!!