Introduction: Arduino Touch Screen Gauntlet

In this Instructable I will be showing you how to create your first Arduino Touch Screen Gauntlet

Step 1: Materials

To start this project you will need to gather the proper materials which are as follows:

6 EVA Foam 12" x 18" x 5mm Sheets

1 Velcro Size: 3/4" x 36" Color of your choosing

1 Arduino Uno R3 (Atmega328 - assembled)

1 2.8" TFT Touch Shield for Arduino with Resistive Touch Screen

1 9V battery holder with switch & 5.5mm/2.1mm plug

Super Glue or Hot Glue (Easiest to use due two quick dry)

1 11 oz. All Surface Flat Metallic Soft Iron Spray Paint and primer in 1 (Any color you would desire, I prefer Rust-Oleum Brand)

1 Large General Purpose Work Gloves

I used this brand

Step 2: Attaching the Screen to the Arduino

This part is the easiest out of everything you will be doing here. All you have to do is line up all the pins with the pins on the board and click them into place (one side has more pins than the other so it is easily distinguishable).

Step 3: Coding the Arduino

For this project you will have to download ARDUINO 1.8.2 the Arduino website (Links will be at the end). After you have that downloaded you can then proceed to the Adafruit website and download the GFX Graphics Library and the ILI9341 Library from the link that is provided at the end of this step.

After those are downloaded extract them into the Arduino Folder that was made from the Arduino website.

Open the app or the program downloaded to your desktop and you will be able to open the code given from the Libraries that have been downloaded.

Plug in the Arduino to your computer

After the code is opened all you have to do is hit upload in the coding window it looks like an arrow pointing right and it will upload it straight to the Arduino and it will run automatically.

The links are as follows

Arduino download-


Step 4: Assembly

To start take a long strip or strips (depending on how think it your gauntlet will be) of the EVA Foam and wrap them around your wrist and where the strips overlap mark and then measure with a ruler. Do the same thing for the upper part of your forearm. After those measurements are taken then measure the length of your forearm or the size you would like the gauntlets to be.

Step 5: Assembly (Cont'd)

Now to create your template. I used the program Gimp to create my template which is shown. This is a very basic template that will give you the general look of an arm-guard nothing too fancy (unless you want it to be!).

Use the measurements you took earlier for the length of the wrist, forearm, and height (length of your arm). After you have created your template print it out and then use the print out as a guide to cut out your pieces.

Step 6: Creating the Arduino Holder

To create the Arduino and battery pack holder you will need to trace an outline of the pieces next to each other on a piece of EVA Foam. Now when you have traced the outline of the Arduino and battery pack cut it out and place the parts on the foam.

Next is to built walls around the parts to secure it from moving side to side which can be done by taking the length of the parts and cutting out strips and stacking them up took me about Five for both sides and glue them together. Next take a strip the width of the Arduino portion and glue it to the front to create a box.

After all that is completed then cut out a rectangle the length and width of the box you have made and cut slits into the rectangle equal to the length of the entire screen and to the on and off switch of the battery pack.

Step 7: Velcro Phase

Now for attaching the Velcro, depending on your design you can either place it on the inside of the outside of the gauntlet but for this instructable I placed it on the outside.

For placement of the Velcro measure the Velcro to the exact length of the wrist and upper forearm on your design. Glue the strip of Velcro that you have cut out onto the length of the gauntlet.

The reason for this is because if you use small strips on the outside it will pull and bend your foam in odd ways that are hard to fix without restarting.

Now that you have attached those Velcro pieces to the gauntlet cut out two smaller strips of Velcro leaving the width of the box that you created in the Arduino holder step in the center of the gauntlet.

Cut out the opposite ends* of the Velcro that you used to the same lengths as the ones placed on the gauntlet

*( soft side to rough side or rough side to soft side)

Step 8: Attaching the Arduino Holder

Now glue the box you made to the open space that you have left in the center of the gauntlet.

Cut out two small squares of Velcro and place them on both sides of the box where the flap that you made ends*

*(Where you pull it up)

Now cut out a longer strip slightly longer than the width of the box due to the bending of the Velcro going over the top

Step 9: Painting

Spray Paint your desired colors to the gauntlet outside in an open air environment BEFORE YOU PLACE THE ARDUINO AND BATTERY PACK INSIDE THE HOLDER. If you place the Arduino and battery pack before it will be very very difficult not to spray paint the screen.

Take the Glove that you bought or found and spray paint it a matching or complementary color to your gauntlet to make it look alike.

After you are done spray painting and allow the foam to dry then place the Arduino and Battery pack inside the holder and place a dab of glue on the bottom of the Arduino (Not on the pins) to hold it still.

Step 10: Now You Are Done!

Now you have created your first Arduino Touch Screen Gauntlet!

If you have any questions or improvements please leave a comment!