Introduction: Arduino Tutorial - Stepper Motor Control With Potentiometer

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First, you should see the following Instructable:

How to Control a Stepper Motor With ULN 2003 Motor Driver

Step 1: Tutorial

This tutorial is all about tuning the speed of a stepper motor using a potentiometer. The idea is to up or down the speed of a stepper motor using with analog read. Theoretically analog input to a digital output, we're going to use this concept to control the speed of a running stepper motor.

Step 2: Hardware Required

Hardware Required :

- 10k Potentiometer

Step 3: Circuit & Connections

connect to

p1 - +Vcc

p2 - GND

p3 - A0 ( analog input )

The Stepper motor used here is a rusty old EPOCH (5 wires) stepper motor, which is a unipolar stepper.

Use the analog input with the help potentiometer to control the delay in-between each steps of the stepper motor. Shorter the delay in-between each steps - faster the stepper motor runs and vice-versa.

Step 4: Programming

Get the Code

Step 5: If I Was Helpful

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