Introduction: Arduino UNO 3 in One

The project "Arduino UNO 3 in One" aims to create a platform with three most important and most useful features that combine microcontroller, prototype space and power supply. It allows you to create compact and mobile projects without connecting Arduino to an external power supply or even to a computer to program it using the bluetooth module.

Step 1: List of Parts

  • Arduino UNO
  • Double-sided mounting tape
  • 6F22 battery
  • Breadboard mini
  • 9V power cord
  • Block 20mm x 8mm x 5mm
  • Cables

Step 2: Support of a Prototype Board

The block will provide support for the prototype board. I use a piece of wood painted blue with acrylic paint. You can use anything, a piece of plastic, glued cardboard. I glue the thin strips of double-sided tape on both sides of the narrower side. I glue the Arduino block in place of the logo as in the picture.

Step 3: Prototype Board

I glue the double-sided assembly tape on the processor that is the second support and glue the prototype board.

Step 4: Battery 9V

I glue three pieces of tape like in the picture: on the USB port, on the power port and on the side wall of the prototype board. Then I attach the 9V Battery (set plus the battery on the outside to make the cable down).

Step 5: Connecting Wires

I bend the wires just like in the picture. They allow me to connect the necessary ports to our prototype board without excess tangled wires.

Step 6: ​the Final Result

I obtained a compact platform for my small projects, I use it very often for rapid prototyping, it allows me to create projects without excess cables.

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