Introduction: Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor Light Switcher

Hey guys, today I am going to make a light switcher. Some times I have things in my hand, and I don't have an extra hand to turn on the light, and it becomes an awkward situation. So I decide to make a light switcher that can help me turn on the light without touching the controller. And here is how I do it...

Step 1: Material

1 Arduino board (I use Leonardo, you can use Uno or others too)

1 breadboard

1 ultrasonic sensor

1 servo motor (I use S03T STD)

10+ jump wire

Step 2: Circuit

Now to the circuit part, you can just follow the circuit instruction above. These jump wire's position is changeable. You can change the position of the pin but then you'll have to change the code either, so if you can, don't change it.

Step 3: Code

The detail of the code is written in the code (sorry for the bad English).

Step 4: The Controller

The switch for the light is a bit different in my house, we use a remote controller like TV. So if your light switch is on the wall, you can attach the servo on the wall.

Step 5: Make It Look Better

We all agreed that we want our room to look beautiful and organized. So you can cover the circuit with a box to make it look better.

Step 6: Run It!

After assembling all the things and put the servo on the controller, you can run it now. You can see in the video that you just have to walk by it and the ultrasonic sensor will sense you and the servo will help you open the light! Convenient, right?