Introduction: Arduino Uno Tutorial #1 - Basic Blink Program

Hello everyone!

I'm glad to publish my first instructable!

This idea as come to me when I had struggle getting my Arduino Uno working, so as I had some difficulties I will make some explanation to al noobies around here that such as me don't know much off this.

I also apologize for my English, but I'm Portuguese.

Step 1: Get All You Need!

First off all, get all the items that you will need. Here is the list:

-Arduino Uno Board (Mine is a clone);

-Usb cable;

-LED of any colour you want;

-Arduino IDE in your computer (If you don't have the arduino program dowload it here: )

Step 2: Conecting Your Board and Getting the Program

Know that you have everything, conect your Arduino to the pc with the cable and check your COM to get linked right with the pc!

Open the basic program like the third picture and go to Step 3.

Step 3: Upload and You Are Done!

Finally get the led in the pins 13(+) and Gnd(-), and upload the program to your arduino.

Your board will light up the RX and the TX leds if conected.

The led will blink, and if you change the numbers shown in 2º photo, you can make a rave with it!

Step 4: Follow for More Arduino Explanations!

Follow to get more knowledge of arduino, basic programs and also some of the hardest's one's.

Thank you all!