Arduino Uno Into Usb Keyboard

Introduction: Arduino Uno Into Usb Keyboard

convert arduino uno work as a arduino leanardo,mico.which work as a HID devices

Convert arduino uno into usb mouse or keyboard emulator into four easy steps

Just we have to replace the arduino frimware

Step 1: Download and Install Software

Download and install

1.unojoy usb keyboard frimware link:-click here

2.install atmel filp software link:-click here

Step 2: DFU Mode

  • After installing flip software
  • Plugin arduino uno into your computer
  • Upload simplejoystick.ino file
  • reset the 8u2 or 16u2
  • To do this, briefly bridge the reset pin with the ground. The pins are located near the USB connector, as shown in this picture. Connect them briefly with a piece of wire.

Step 3: Now Follow Instructions

  • after dfu mode
  • Unzip file
  • Open folder unojoywin
  • Run Turnintoajoystick windows batch file
  • Upload simplejoystick.ino file

Step 4: Install Joytokey to Emulated Keyboard

install joytokey to emulate or control the keyboard and mouse

It is easy to control games,media and use for interactive project

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    2 years ago

    So, where do I get the simplejoystick.ino file?


    Reply 1 year ago

    Click on UnojoyArduinoSample folder. You fill find the .ino file there


    Answer 2 years ago ArduinoIDE (or open it)
    2. Tools>Auto format (!DISCLAMER! : you only erasing the code on it not others files and stuff)
    3wait and you're done

    Kunal Gokhe
    Kunal Gokhe

    Answer 4 years ago

    Step no. 3
    After dfu mode
    Run TurnintoArduino windows batch file