Introduction: Arduino Wall Lamp

So, I have always wanted a nice lamp by the side of my bed, Something simple with out any buttons.
Of course this would mean it had to be wireless.I also wanted to use it from my bed but not getting out of my bed to turn it off. So it had to be remote controlled, So I picked up a arduino nano and a IR sensor to help me with the goal.

I have access to my schools laser cutter for this to help me with the materials part and also the making part.

Step 1: Parts

I used for this project:

 1X Ardunio (I used a nano to fit in the casing I would make.)
 1X Power Supply device (Must be able to support the arduino's needs)
 2X RGB LED (Any type works)
 1X PCB or Stripboard ( I used a old lot that did not have a lot soldered on it)
 1X IR sensor.
 1X IR remote (any kind will do)

 1X Acrylic sheet (White)
 1X Small acrylic sheet (clear)
 1X Sandpaper ( IN case you don't want to use a laser cutter to fog the clear acrilic)
 4X Screws of your choice (What fits in your Wall?)


 1X Laser cutter ( I used my schools one)
 1X Solder
 1X Soldering iron
 1X Black tape ( To hide the arduino LED's )

Step 2: Outer Casing

I had made drawings for this for a while and I decided to use ProDesktop to make this come alive and for this project to really get going.

To do this I had to make a nice curved design that could be cut out on a laser cutter and be made with glue.

Step 3: Test the Model.

Step 4: Fitting

On the final 'glue together I used cement clue that melts the plastic to the outer plastic bit's.
Also at this point I had to take off all of the protectors that where on the laser cut parts to make sure of firm contact.

Step 5: Power

To power this project safely ( Im not that confident in mains ) im am going to use the arduino PSU and PSU and power it by USB, Im going to get a USB mains supply to power this.
I used a old blackberry charger I had lying around and used a load of USB extension cables to get that cable long enough, the look of this did not really bother me because I would not be seeing this behind my drawer.

Step 6: Software

I stole a bit of the code for adafruit ( See This  for more info. ) for the remote but all in all the code is very simple. What the code is doing is:

Listening for IR
If it can see IR then compare it with the array's of commands
If it can see a 'up' command then it will randomize a colour and display it.
If it can 'see' the lamp button on my remote then it will power down the LED's

Step 7: Soldering

For this to work properly I had to make a small LED broad to be able to positioned the LED's around the lamp.
I simply snapped off a small square of stripborad and soldered 3 LED's (RGB) and the resistors that where needed ( I used 100 Om) 

Step 8: Finish Up

Id like to say at this point that I had made a mistake on the cutting out of the plastic and that was I forgot to put wall mounting holes in it and there for I had to risk shattering my plastic by drilling though it.

But when I did (Not shattering the plastic ) I mounted next to my bed.

Step 9: Picture Round


Also as a last word this is my first ever instructable and I hope there is nothing wrong with it, Please leave feedback for me to read :)
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