Introduction: Arduino Wifi Car Without Internet

Hai friends many a times we would have done a arduino car using internet what to do if there is no internet availibe or mobile with us so i have made a nodemcu car and nodemcu this we will make a wifi server and wifi client without internet using only node mcu's.


NodeMCU - 2

push switch -4


l293d ic - 1

old toy car - 1

Step 1: Hacking Old Car

remove all the unwanted boards leaving the motors and battery.

Step 2: Car Circuit

connect the car with the node mcu as shown in the circuit first motor is for movement and second motor is for direction.upload the wifi client code to this.But do the wiring from D0 to D3.

Step 3: Car Controller

connect four buttons to the node mcu as shown in the circuit.upload the wifi server code to this.But start the wiring from D0 to D3.

Step 4: Code

download these codes and install this on your nodemcu's enjoy.

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