Introduction: Arduino Wire Game

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For this project, I referenced it from this website, and changed it to make a new project. This project is called the Wire Game, where you will take a metal handle and make it go through the wire without touching the wire. If the handle touches wire, a buzzer will buzz, so this game will challenge will focusing and your stability of hands. Originally, the old one that I've referenced only has a buzzer. Therefore, I have added a LCD panel to the device, that will tell the players how to play the game, and a finish-point that you touch the fish point, a LED lightbulb will light up, indicating that you've WON!

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

- 1 Arduino Leonardo

- 1 Buzzer

- 1 LED Lightbulb(any color, preferably green)

- 1 LCD board

- 1 bundle of aluminum wire

- 4 bundles of copper wire

- 4 alligator clips

- 1 shoebox (not mandatory)

- 1 pen (not mandatory)

Step 2: Code

Step 3: Making the Circuits

- First, Connect the buzzer onto Arduino, Pin is 9. (See image 1)

- Second, Connect the LCD Panel. Remember not to connect negative to positive and positive to negative. (See image 2)

- Third, Connect the LED lightbulb. (See image 3)

- The final circuit should look like (image 4)

Step 4: Making the Main Part

First, take your bundle of aluminum wire and cut off 60 cm or however big you want your wire to be. Next, shape it into a swirly shape to form the wire. Then, take out your copper wire and wrap it around your swirly aluminum wire and make sure you leave some more copper wire, so the wire can conduct electricity when the alligator clip is clipped onto the spare wire(See image 1). If you only just use the copper wire, the wire will be too thin, therefore, harder to play with. The finish product should look like (see image 2) Next, we are making the handle. Cut 20 cm off your aluminum wire and shape it into a hook. Do the same as before, wrap the copper wire around the aluminum hook, and also leave a spare 30 cm of the copper wire(See image 3). And repeat the wrapping twice, so you should have two long copper wire hanging(See image 4). Next, take a cylinder object with a hole in it, in this case, I used the part where you hold the pen. Next take the copper wire and wrap it around the cylinder object and make sure there are spare wire hanging off the object, just like the handle(See image 5). Then, take the swirly wire and place it through your copper cylinder object(See image 6).

Step 5: Connecting the Circuit to the Product

First, connect one of the buzzer's alligator clips(see image 3) to the hanging wire of main wire and the other to the wire of the handle(see image 1). Next connect one of the LED lightbulb's alligator clips to the hanging wire of main wire and the other to the wire wire of the handle(See image 2).

Step 6: Finishing the Product

Now you can either choose to cover and decorate your product or just leave it there, in this case I used a shoebox to decorate my Arduino (See image 1).

Step 7: DONE!!

YOU'RE DONE!!!, you can check out my final product in my video. If you made it, please feel free to tell me in the comments.