Introduction: Arduino Yun/Temboo - USPS Tracking Package

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Hello everybody.

In this instructable you will learn how to stream your USPS package status at the serial monitor of your Arduino Yun with Temboo service.

Lets start.

Step 1: Hardware and Software List

Hardware that we need:

  1. Arduino Yun. Buy a Yun
  2. A pc.

Software that we need:

  1. Arduino IDE. (i used 1.6.0) Download from here
  2. An active account at Temboo. Create a free Temboo account
  3. Registration for USPS Web Tools. (You dont have to crreate a USPS account at the main site, only registrate at the Web Tools). Registration USPS Web Tool

There is no need to talk about the Arduino IDE. Just download it to your pc connect your Yun and you are ready to upload the sketches. Lets go step by step to set up the other 2 from our software list.

Step 2: Setup USPS Web Tools.

Very easy step, just go USPS Web Tools and fill in the required information. After you finished with the registration you will receive an email with the Username & Password in order to use USPS APIs.
We will need these 2 for our next step when we will setup Temboo.

Step 3: Setup Temboo

Lets start with the Temboo account.Temboo is a cloud-based code generation platform with 2000+ processes for APIs, databases, and more. Reimagining programming for software & hardware developers.

  1. Go to Temboo and create a free account. It will take only a couple of minutes.
  2. Sign in to your account and go to Library tab at the top of your screen.
  3. At the left of your screen use the Search to find the USPS library.
  4. Next choose the DeliveryInformationAPI
  5. Next choose from thte Choreos section the TrackConfirm

At this point we are at the main field that we must put the correct information in order to generate the code to run to our Arduino IDE.

Lets continue with the

  • First 4 fields: We want to have an Arduino Yun - Do not stream sensor data - Onboard Ethernet & wifi - Do not use gateway.
  • Input the USPS information from the email that USPS Web Tools send u: Password - UserID - The tracking number or your package. Last but very important the field Optional Input Endpoint should be set to production

Hit the Run button and head down to copy the code and the header file for your arduino ide.

It is very important to have both the code and the header file. The code runs all that the yun have to do and the header file contains all the Temboo account information in order to run the Choreo.

Now that we finished with the Temboo setup lets continue with the last step to see if it works.

Step 4: Upload the Code - Demo Video.

Last step.

Open your Arduino ide and copy and paste the generated code from Temboo.

Next below the Serial Monitor button there is an arrow. Hit it and choose New Tab. Copy and paste the Header file from Temboo and name it as TembooAccount.h.

**If you want to see the text at the serial slower add to your code a delay(50); below the Serial.print(c);

Save the sketch upload it to the Yun, open the terminal monitor and see where is your package from USPS.

Have fun.