Introduction: Arduino Alarm for Bicycle

I'm a student of Catalunya, and I have made a technological project as my final course project. I have made a bicycle alarm  with Arduino. This alarm doesn’t send any message to a phone or Internet, it just makes a sound if someone tries to steal the bike. In this Instructable I will explain how I have made it, the sensors that I have used, the electric scheme and the source code. This is the fisrt time that I have uploaded a project in this web site. Please forgive my mistakes. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

This project is based in Arduino, I'm sure that it can be done with other microcomputers and the material would be the same, and it's possible that if you change a little the source code it can do the same.
The materials:
     LCD Keypad shield
     Batery (7-9V)
     Tilt Sensor
     PIR sensor
     Ultrasound distance sensor
     bicycle's bag
     wood with the same size that the bag has

     soldering iron

Step 2: Put the Arduino Into the Bag

First of all we need to make the Arduino's bracket. We will put the Arduino inside the bag, and we will use a wood support. The Arduino will be fixed in the bracket that will be put in the bag. In the wood there will be three holes, one for the LCD liquidcrystal, one for the buttons and one more for the potentiometer that controls the intensity of the screen. We can use a drill to make the holes.
We will put framing squares to fix the bracket in the bicycle's box. We have to remember to make enough place for wire-cables.

Step 3: Put the Sensors

We have to instal 3 sensors in the bicycle, and the places where are the sensors put are very important.

We will put this sensor under the seat. All the bicycle's seats have the same structure. They have 2 metal bars. We can use wire to fix this sensor. The wire has to allow the sensors' movements, because in case you fall with the bicycle the gadget will not be damaged. Don't worry about this position because this type of sensor have a wide angle.

It detects if someone moves the bicycle. Depending on where it is placed, the movements can been modified in different level. The best place is the handlebars. We will hide this sensor inside the bar of the handlebars. If you want to instal it permanently maybe you should do a small hole with the drill on the handlebars.

We will fix the sensor on the stem (supporter of the handlebars), and you can do it in differents ways. One of the most easy way is to use a plastic tube. You make a vertical cut and 2 big holes for the sensor. And then you can use a lot of things to fix it to the bicycle.

Step 4: Plug In

These connections work with my code. If you change something maybe you will have to change the code too. 
The code's annotations are made in Catalan. If someone needs to read the annotations, he can ask someone who speaks Spanish, becouse both languages are very similar. 

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