Introduction: Arduino and HR-SR04

İn this instructable project, i will show you how to use the hr-sr04 ultrasonic sensor

Step 1:

So you need:

1 arduino (every model is acceptable)

1 breadboard

some jumper cables

hr-sr04 sensor

Step 2: Get to Know You Sensor

So, the ultrasonic sensor has 4 pins.First one (on the left, 1st one) is for gnd (ground), second one is for Echo pin ,

third one is trigger, and the last one is for vcc(5v)

Step 3: Connection

Connect your sensor like this circuit.

Step 4: Coding

Open your your arduino program and type theese codes

Btw dont mind the led and if codes

Step 5: You Are Good to Go!

Step 6: Here Is What I Made