Introduction: Arduino and Thermocouple K MAX6675

Connecting the thermocouple K MAX6675 to an Arduino Mega.

For this example I used a cheap arduino mega 2560 from SainSmart.

The thermocouple K MAX6675 is a convert that allows temperature reading from 0ºC to 1024ºC. You can learn more about it by read the datasheet here.

Step 1: Material

1 - Arduino

2 - ThermoCouple K MAX6675

3 - USB Cable

Step 2: Wiring the Material

So now we connect the thermocouple to the pin 45 to 53 (in the arduino the pins goes in pairs)

Step 3: Coding Like a Pro...

First of all I need to find a Library who help us to communicate with the sensor. After browsing the web for a couple of hours and testing the libraries, I enjoyed that one, ThermoCoupleK from LadyAda who I believe don't mind if we use it.

After looking at some examples I ended with this code (that is close to the one I found).

Step 4: Conclusion

As you can see it's quite easy to create a K-type temperature reader. Now it's up to you to found an application to this instructable.

That's all folks