Introduction: Arduino Anti Theft

This is my experience about a complete management of anti theft system with arduino board. The aim of project is the study for the solution for the authentication, maintenance menu, anti theft armed (away mode) and other practice solutions for a realy utilization of this project.

Step 1: Block Diagram and Flowchart

This anti theft require a dialer gsm with a old Nokia 3310. The interfaces for the two sensor and Nokia are not developed but these are very simple to do.

Hardware is:

- Arduino uno

- Display 16x2 Hitachi HD44780 driver

- Keyboard

- Resistors and leds

- Breadboards

The sensor is located in the door entrance.

Step 2: Operation + Sketch

Just turned on Arduino requires authentication and the password is into the sketch. After authentication successful you can choose to armed status or maintenance menu.

In the maintenance menu you can choose:

- Alarm delay (delay for do not alarm when you enter in the room)

- Gsm on/off

In the armed status:
- When you armed, you have 10 second to exit

- In case of alarm the anti theft execute 3 call with gsm combiner

- Reset gsm hourly

Sorry for the inaccuracies and errors

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