Introduction: Arduino Based Simple Programming Tutorials: 1 With LED's

This is is just the beginning of a whole amazing series! still awesome things to come!

Step 1: Just Few Simple Steps......

// THIS basically is absolutely simple programming ;

int led =13; //declared led on pin 13;

void setup(){

pinMode(led,OUTPUT); //declared led as an out put[from the arduino to the outside ...];


void loop(){

digitalWrite(led,HIGH);// digitally write on pin 13 [max. of 5 v];

delay(1000); // waits being on for 1000 milli seconds;

digitalWrite(led,LOW); // digitally write on pin 13 [min. of 0 v];

delay(1000); // waits being off for 1000 milli seconds;


[NOT trying to be a professional just .... to let you know what i do!;