Introduction: Arduino Defuseable Bomb, Perfect for Airsoft Games! (with Timer, LCD, Keypad, Sound and More!)

This is a project I made a long time ago, but decided to upload anyways, feel free to ask me about it!
The bomb has several features:
- Password input by keypad to arm the bomb
- Timer/count down
- Sound
- Flashy LEDs
- Defusing via the password
- LCD display
- Keypad
- Simple to edit and change

So to get started you would need:
- Arduino
- LCD (I used a 16x2 from sparkfun)
- Potentiometer for the contrast on the LCD 
- Keypad (again from sparkfun)
- Jumperwires
- Resistors for the LEDs (I used 330 Ohm)
- Piezo/buzzer
- LEDs

Step 1: Assembly

Connect the components as according to the circuit schematic

Step 2: Upload the Code

Upload the bomb project4 code to your arduino, and add the following libraries: Keypad, Tone, and liquid crystal to your libraries folder in the arduino folder

and now you're ready to use the bomb!

First edit the time in the code, to match your needs, then start the arduino and enter your desired password, then the bomb timer will start, and you can press the * to begin defusing the bomb, if you press a wrong key, pressing # will delete what you've written. If you write a wrong password, or the timer reaches 0, the bomb will "explode"!

Feel free to ask :)

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