Introduction: Arduino Housing From IPod Nano Box

A week ago I bought my first Arduino (Duemilanove aka. 2009). I'm a student on university 100 km from home. Every weekend I go home and naturally I want to bring my Arduino with me. So I decided to make a housing for my Arduino. First I wanted to make it from plastic, but then I saw iPod nano box... and it was perfect.

What you need:
- Arduino
- iPod nano box
- some sandpaper
- saw
- 2 screws
- drill

p.s.: sorry for bad resolution pictures, I only had my iPhone :)

Step 1: The Box

iPod box is made from 3 parts - bottom (inside there are instructions), divider (witch holds iPod) and top. I took instructions out and turn box up side down.

I sand the edges of the divider to make it smaller and to fit inside the upper part. When I put divider inside the upper part I turn it around so that it stands on iPod holders. (I could glue divider and upper part together, but there was no need)

Step 2: Mounting Arduino and Making the Hole for USB (and Power Supply)

I mounted Arduino with 2 screws (because the third hole was directly above iPod holder). I make them a little bit shorter.

Step 3: That's It !

Well that' s just put Arduino (mounted on a divider) inside the box.

Some pictures of the final thing.