Introduction: Arduino Lock Bar...sorta

This project was tough but nothing worth doing is easy and i am ver proud that i was able to accomplish what i did. To know that my skills are further than they once were is a reward on their own.......but how did i get to where i am now? unfortunately i couldn't get it to work in its entirety and this is also my first one so have mercy jk...sorta.

Step 1: Supplys

First off i had to get supplys...

(Arduino uno)- compliments of my teacher (RFID reader)- Spark fun (RFID sheild)- Spark fun (RFID tags)- Spark fun (Servo motor)- Spark fun ( 1 half sheet of 1/8 inch) - lowes ( 1 half sheet of 1/2 inch) - lowes (suitcase/ trunk)

I ordered my tech parts from Spark (awesome site) with regular shipping it should take a week to arrive at your house.

Step 2:

while those parts were on the way i went out and bought my 1/8 and 1/2 inch board along with the case im going to put it all in. For the wood dont worry about getting alot, half sheets should be enough for 3 projects, luckliy we are only doing one. as for my suit case i lucked out hard and found one on sale at walmart.

With half my supplys gathered i drew up plans.

Step 3:

i went on to instructables and got inspiration from a project on travel bars. i thought yeah i want to make a bar then put a lock i can only get into.

i based my rfid part of the project of another instructables project that had code and a file for a 3d print casing for the arduino. i down loaded that and had them printed while i waited for the other peices.

1 week goes by and my spark fun peices came....time to build.

i desided to work on the body( the bar) first then the brain( rfid)... (probably will reverse that next time)

Step 4: Lets Build a Frame

i used the 1/2 inch to make wall frames to brace the 1/8 peices that run across

after i made the walls i worked my way up, making the cubby for ice and then the place holder for the bottles and cups...this will also make the base for the lock

Step 5: Rfid

after that was put down i made a small cubbie for sodas at the top. enough for about 15.

with that done lets work on the rfid.

i decided to sacrifice my bread board and placed everything on it for easy access and movement

unfortunaly for 3 days tried to make the code register my rfid as well as move the servo but with time running thin i had to choose one or the other so i chose servo movement (otherwise the whole point is null)

time to mount the servo, rfid, and final touches.

Step 6:

i had to use various peices to make my own gear that fit the servo and worked to fit it right so that it would work.

Step 7: Final

Step 8: