Introduction: Arduino Power Glove

The main idea is to create a prop for fun and cosplay similar to an Iron man glove or Megaman blaster cannon.

Step 1: Parts

I'll be using a 16 pixel Ada fruit ring and 5 8 pixel strips along with an arduino accelerometer and piezo buzzer for sound. For prototype means I'll be using the Arduino Esplora that has the piezo and accelerometer attached to it.

Step 2: Functions and Configuration

The glove with no charge will have the lights be rotating slowly with dim light. Using a button to charge the glove the light will spin faster and become brighter. Upon aiming the glove using a straight level hand the button will discharge either a small burst if not charged fully or a large burst if charged all the way.

Step 3: Glove Assembly

the pixel ring will be on the palm of the glove with the 8 pixel sticks around the wrist of the glove. The Arduino controlling the lights will need to be housed in the prop along with a 2 power packs, one for the lights and the other for the Arduino.

Step 4: Work in Progress

currently in the middle of fabricating the gauntlet prop so will be posting video of functionality after completion.