Introduction: Arduino Redback Simple Server

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One of the advantages of the arduino platform is that it allows one to store and access data from an online server. Using the arduino redback - yellowjacket compatible I am going to show you how to access data from an online server.

Step 1: Setup

What you need for this project is:

1. arduino redback

2. ft232rl breakout board

Step 2: Connection

Mount the arduino redback onto the ft232rl breakout board as shown in the diagram. Ensure that the DTR pins match.

Learn more on how to connect the arduino redback onto the ft232rl breakout board.

Step 3: Code.

The arduino code is attached below

Step 4: Process

The arduino redback sends a get request ( to the server. The server then returns the data contained in the text file results_b.txt. As simple as that.

Step 5: Results

Data from the server is printed onto the serial monitor, every 10 seconds as shown in the image. You can edit the code to change the time interval and the get request too. Therefore, feel free to play around with the code. Meanwhile, you can view the full tutorial here.