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About: Hello I am Thirteen years old and a tech enthusiast. I like rock climbing and mountain biking. I like building circuits and playing with my Arduino.

This project is to build an Arduino powered robot you can control with your phone. It uses the Arduino 101 for the bluetooth capabilities. I paired it with a seeed motor shield. I can tell it where to go using an app I developed for it.

In this tutorial I will tell you how to build this rover. I will not have all the specific parts so you can choose the motor, chassis, etc. Although I will tell you which ones I recommend for this project. I will try to go into as much detail as I can, but if you get stuck and need help let me know.

Step 1: Gathering the Parts

In this step the title is pretty self explanatory. I got my parts from random resources but most of them can be found at Radioshack.


1. A pair of good motors. I used the high torque ones from this 20$ Radioshack kit.

2. Arduino101

3. Seeed motor shield V2. At Radioshack:

At the seeed website:

4. Arduino power source you can build or buy

5. 6v 4x AA battery box if you didn't get the Radioshack motor kit.

5. Programming cable for Arduino

6. A frame for the robot. I used a wooden box but, you can use anything you can put motors on and an Arduino in.

7. A caster wheel for the robot to swivel on if using two wheels for robot.

8. Some wire to work with.

9. Nuts and bolts to secure Arduino and motors.


1. A computer to program the Arduino with.

2. An android phone.

3. Drill, saw, 3Dprinter, etc for building your own frame. (these are not necessary just recommendations for tools)

4. Wire stripper.

Step 2: Building the Rover

Build your frame for the robot like a box about 4" x 6" with walls to attach the motors. Then depending on your motor setup drill holes to attach the motors. Machine screws work great for holding the motor in place. After drilling holes on both sides put the motors on the rover. Next put the wheels on the motors. Once the motors are on you need to connect the wires. Cut four wires about 3-4 inches in length and strip them all about 1cm on both sides. For each wire bend one end into loop around the motor leads (be careful the leads break easy). If this is permanent you should solder them.

Put the motor shield on the Arduino and secure it in between the motors for easy access. Start with one motor and attach the wires to the two left outputs on the big bus on the motor shield. Take the other motors wires and attach them to the two right outputs on the big bus. Finally connect the 6v battery box to the shields power input with the correct polarization and when ready to power the Arduino it's own power source. Double check all the connections then move to the next step.

Step 3: Program the Arduino

Download the Arduino IDE if you haven't from their website. Download the program provided here called rover101BLEcontrol.ino. Open the Arduino IDE and then open the program with it. If this is your first time using the Arduino 101 you have to do a few special things to get the Arduino 101 to work in the IDE. Go to tools > boards > boards manager in the Arduino IDE then search for intel curie boards and install it. Then in boards select arduino/genuino 101.

Now upload the program which I have provided to the Arduino. If there is an error in the programming or somethings spelled wrong please let me know.

Step 4: Running the App

Download the app below I have created for this project (only works on android, sorry iphone users). It will ask you a few permissions and grant them to it. It needs these for Bluetooth Low Energy. Open the app and turn on the Arduino. Press the scan button and a bunch of letters should come up with the name LED at the end. Click the index box and insert which number it is in the list. Finally press the connect button and if every thing works it should say connected to LED. After that you can press the up/down/right/left keys to control the robot. You can use the robot to play with your dog or serve you drinks.

Thanks for reading!

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