Introduction: Arduino/Android - BLUETOOTH Home Control + APP - Using the HC-06

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Hello world! Today i made a Android APP to control 8 relays with arduino using the HC-06 Bluetooth module.

The video just shows 2, but i changed the app!

You can control 8 lights or devices with it.

Just contact me for the open source code of the APP.

DOWNLOAD THE APP ONGOOGLE PLAY! (english version only)

Step 1: Schematic Code App & Parts List

Just simply wire everything up like the schematic and upload the code.

(NOTE: the schematic show the relays connected to 3.3v

these should be connected to 5v, Only the HC-06 needs to be connected to 3.3v)

Also make sure not to have the bluetooth connected when uploading the code!

Parts List.

  1. Arduino Uno, I used the RobotDyn uno a very good copy with 7 analog pins.
  2. 2 x 1 channel Relay KY-019 (You can add more if you buy the open source app)
  3. HC-06 Bluetooth Module.
  4. Jumper wires set MM/FF/MF
  5. Power cables + lamp sockets (optional, you can add any device instead of lamps)

Good luck!

(Check step 2 for instructions on how to rename your HC-06, This is optional!)

Step 2: How to Change the Name of Your HC-06

What is needed?

1 x USB to TTL microcontroller programmer to connect to your HC-06

How to connect the Programmer?





Lets get started...

  1. connect the USB TTL programmer to the HC-06
  2. Plug in the USB and open up The Arduino IDE
  3. Open the serial monitor.
  4. Type "AT" without quotes. You should see a respond in the Serial monitor saying "OK"
  5. Type "AT+NAMExyz" Sets the module name to “xyz” (Replace xyz with the name you want.) response should be OKsetname.
  6. Type "AT+PIN1234" Set the pin to 1234 (replace 1234 with your desired pin) respond should be OKsetPIN For more info on changing baudrate etc. i included a PDF file. Good luck!