Introduction: Arduion Stop Watch Teaching

I often play late at night when I play electric, so I plan to use a code meter to time the time. When the timetable reaches a certain time, it will emit music and LED lights to remind the time to write the homework. Finally, there will be an LED. I don’t see the time when the lights are on.

Step 1: Step 1:material

1 carton 22x12x8

1LCD LCD screen

4 LED lights

1 transmission line

1 speaker

4 resistors

8 alligator clips

18 long wires

6 short wires

1 roll of tape 提供意見 翻譯記錄 已儲存 社群

Step 2: Step 2:Production Process

First, connect the LED bulb with a wire and then use the alligator clip to clip the length of the extension cord. Then insert the LED bulb wire into the seat on the circuit according to the circuit diagram. This east repeat is 4 times because there are 4 bulbs to be used. After each LED bulb is connected, take out a 22x12x8 box and put the entire Arduino board into it. Then drill the hole in the box to make the extended LED bulb out and fix it with tape. The LED bulb, after fixing, then drill a round hole in the middle of the box, so that the horn can pass through, then take out 2 long wires to connect the horn. Insert the horn wire into the seat according to the circuit diagram, then drill on the box. A rectangular hole is on the horn, then take out the LCD screen, connect the LCD screen line according to the circuit diagram, fix it on the box with tape, and finally copy the code to the top to use it.

Step 3: Step 3:Upload Code

Here is the code

In this code inside have many steps can change for example you can change the time of the stopwatch and you also can change the color of the LED ball. If the time is stopping you also can change the music of Arduino.There is many things you can change.

Step 4: Step 4:Circuit Diagram

Step 5: Finished Product Operation

The way it works will be the same as in the video.