Introduction: Are YOU Ready to Create?

Creating with CANVA in the classroom is EASY! Let's get started!


All you need is your school-issued iPad and imagination!

Step 1: Download the App

Sign in to your .PC account and download the Canva app from the Self Service portal directly to your iPad.

Step 2: To Template, or Not to Template...

Popular media templates are refreshed regularly and located right on the homepage. If you see one you like, simply click on the image and start adding your personal flair!

Step 3: Made From Scratch

To create original content, simply click the 'Create a Design' button on the left-hand side. You can specify custom dimensions, or utilize one of the suggested design frames in which the dimensions are pre-sized for a perfect fit.

Step 4: Let the Games Begin!

The left-hand column contains all of Canva's handy design elements. You can add a template, stock photos, elements (grids, stickers, etc.), text, music, or even upload your OWN PHOTOS! Does it get any better?

Step 5: Elements, Elements, Elements

Click or drag-and-drop the element you want on to the page. Click the element to re-size, re-color, and more!

*Note: If BRAND COLORS are specified during setup, they will always be accessible at the top of your color palette selections.

Step 6: Layout Is Everything

Simply click the element and start to move it and pink lines will appear like MAGIC and show you exactly where the element is located on the page.

*Note: You can group elements together by highlighting them and clicking the GROUP button, which will appear on the top task bar on the upper right.

Step 7: Uploading and Adding Photos

Upload photos from your device via the UPLOAD button (bottom of left-hand column). Drag-and-drop and resize directly on the page.

For added design emphasis, add a photo grid/shape and drag-and-drop your photo into the grid.

Step 8: Say It With Text

Add a heading, sub-heading, or body text scaled to size. Or, search for a text template in the 'Search Text' box next to the magnifying glass.

Once you've added text, to change the font or size, you only need to click and highlight the text box and the text editing tools will appear on the top toolbar.

Step 9: Finalizing Your Design

Is everything where you want it? Still like that font? Color palette look ok? Then your design is finished, friend. Congratulations!

*Note: Don't forget to save it to your project folder! (Folders are located toward the bottom left.)

Step 10: Download and Share!

Click the arrow on the upper right of the top task bar and you'll see the drop-down menu of your dreams: Download as a PDF, JPEG, PDF, share straight to social media, AND MORE!

Have fun creating in Canva for your classroom!