Introduction: Are There Easier Ways to Make a Paracord Necklace or Bracelet?

An answer to this question... Um, duh!

This intractable will show you an easier way to make a paracord necklace/bracelet that uses less paracord and will only take you five minutes to make.

In a survival situation, you can use the extra paracord you saved on this project as food, or use it to fend off bear attacks! (just a suggestion) .

So lets get started.


paracord- (about an arms length will do) (for those of you who are "winging it challenged" and need to have a specified measurement, about 30 inches should be fine)

hands- (you can use your own, or use someone else's (a reference to all you Tom Sawyer's out there))

Step 1: Tie It Together

All you need to know are how to tie a fisherman's knot.

It's so easy, even a fisherman can do it.

First: make an oval with the paracord, both ends of the cord should overlap as shown.

Then: tie a fisherman's knot on both sides.

If you don't know how to tie a fisherman's knot, here's an explanation:

Make an "x" using one end of the paracord as shown.

Pull the working end, 'the end you're moving', through the hole you made from the "x".

If you're still not sure, and my pictures don't help, here's a wikipedia link that will help explain it better (their pictures help):

This necklace is like the double uni knot without the 3 other wraps on each end:

If the internet isn't helpful, here's a secret... It doesn't have to be a fisherman's knot! You can make up your own knot so long as you get it to slide. The fisherman's knot just happens to be a simple slip knot that

Step 2: Enjoy

To adjust your new necklace, simply pull on both ends of the knot to adjust the size. If you want it to be snug on your neck, all you need to do is slide the knots inward. If you want it to be lose, all you have to do slide the knots outward.

If you want to wear the paracord on your wrist, slide the knots inward and wrap the paracord around your wrist as many times as you need.

You're done!!!

Enjoy :)

Step 3:

Step 4:

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