Introduction: Ariel Atom

Handmade functional scale model of an Ariel Atom car, weld and frosted. Finishes on fiberglass and carbon fiber.

Step 1: Make a Drawing and Specify All the Measures

Sketch your car and define all of it parts, defining where the chassis, wheels and steering should go.

Make sure every single piece fits the scale.

Step 2: Chassis

Print a construction plan with scale 1:1 in order to get all the measurements needed.

Get a bar of steel and prepare some scantillons with the measurements previously used.

Cut all the steel bar with a hacksaw according to the plan and scantillons made.

Put all the parts together and make sure everything fits.

Step 3: Weld the Chassis

With help of the plan, weld every single piece of the chassis in order to get the complete structure.

If there's a problem with any measure, or parts are bigger, don't worry, you can cut or grind the piece until it fits in.

Step 4: Grind and Seal the Chassis

In order to get a better look of your chassis, it's necessary to grind all the imperfections of it.

Seal the chassis with primer so that it won't oxidize.

Step 5: Steering and Steering Wheel

It is important to design every single measurement of your steering if you want it to function well.

When you have all the measurements ready, decide which materials you are going to use and design them.

Make sure it fits your chassis and if it doesn't, make adjustments.

These pieces are designed on Inventor and printed on 3D printer.

Step 6: Wheels

In order to make the wheels, design and define all the measurements.

Make a prototype with MDF, seal it and sand it so that it doesn't have imperfections.

Put geal coat all over the piece and then prepare a mixture of resin with catalyst and fiberglass so that the mold gets resistant. Make each mold separately and put vaseline between them so that it won't paste.

Let both parts of the mold dry off, form 2 to 3 days until it gets toughen.

Remove the MDF wheel protoype and make a hole on the mold.

Pour polyurethane foam with catalyst on the mold and let it dry.

Repeat the process until you have all 4 wheels.

*Make sure you make more than 4 wheels in case some of them break.

Seal them with primer and paint them with laquer. Use the laquer of your preference, depending on the finish you want to get.

RIMS: Design them on inventor and print them on a laser machine. Use laquer if your finish needs it.

Step 7: Details

Try to fit the steering and chassis in order to make a full functional model.

Weld the chassis and the wheel's mechanism.

Add the rims.

If it fits well, take it off and paint the chassis to get the finish you want.

Let it dry.

Place everything in again.

Step 8: Finishes

The final touch in the model its the last but the most important.

Decide which parts will make part of the finishes.

Make all the molds and scantillons needed.


Prepare a scantillon.

Place a layer of carbon fiber over it.

Place a layer of fiberglass.

Add resin and catalyst over the layers.

Add another layer of carbon fiber.

Add more resin and cataylst.

Let it dry.

Cut all the edges and remove the part of the scantillon.

Make as many parts you want and them place them on your model.

Step 9: THE END

Show it off to your fiends!!

Hope you liked it!

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