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Hello everyone.

I am here to introduce my latest project. An electric bike with a frame built specifically for it. Nothing conversions and weird stuff.

The first thing you can see is the first design. It was created to house inside a specific of the parts already available.

Step 1:

Although I do not have many tools for metal, a friend offered to help me in the construction letting me use a 30t press.
Bend round pipe with good results is very difficult without appropriate tool. I decided to use 16x16mm square tube 1.5mm thickness.

We also decided to use the smaller wheels motorbike I found. This decision was based on the high burnout among bicycle tires when driving at high speeds. The motorbike is more durable.
Unfortunately I could only do this on the front tire. The rear tire needs another engine, coupled to a disc brake and so to use a motorcycle tire. But the idea is to use them on both wheels.

Finally the first prototype even I sanded and painted the metal to prevent spoilage. Note that the bike works incredibly well for low resources with which it was built. Reaches 50km / h and has an autonomy of 16km without pedaling. Still, throughout its construction I have seen several problems that have pushed me to make a second design.

Step 2:

After going through several phases of design, I have reached the end of the second prototype model.
In the first picture you can see one of the initial designs. The pedals were too far back and the bars did not give sufficient rigidity.

In the second picture you can see the final design, with the batteries and their control components installed. After calculations of appropriate geometries, the bottom bracket is finally in the right position, and the distance to the ground and from the saddle to the handlebar is appropriate.

The velocity would be the same as in the first design, but would be twice autonomy without pedaling. I would like to indicate that these models have always designed to pedal while the motor. And I do not use it as a motorcycle.
It would have been much easier to design without pedals.

Aesthetically, from my opinion, is a much nicer model. But I have the problem of bending, cutting and welding the tubes.
No one in my city wants to get into this mess, and that would be very few units and construction is a complex and detailed to fit. And people who are willing to do charge me a crazy amount of money.

This project remain in oblivion for economic reasons. If someone dropped me machinery I am willing to learn and work to make it the same as I did the first design.

Thank you so much for read!


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    4 years ago

    hye man what about the motor you build or buy?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for you comment. If you have any suggestions about the frame, please let me know. :-)...