Introduction: Arizona Green Tea Shoes

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Shoes? Yes shoes! I've decided to branch out and try painting something other than nails. These shoes are a great way to show off your style at school! This design is incredibly simple - This was my first time using acrylic paints ever and it turned out pretty fantastic. These shoes are DURABLE, and since I used a fabric acrylic paint, they're MACHINE-WASHABLE also! This step-by-step instructable will show you exactly how to make these adorable shoes. Please rate, leave comments, follow me, and check out my other designs! (Might I add that my Arizona Tea Nails would match these shoes perfectly?) Thank you for the view and I hope you enjoy! :)

Step 1: Materials

I used these to make my design. What you will need: White canvas shoes ($15 Payless), paper towels, a cup of water, one medium paint brush, one small paint brush, a plastic lid to hold paint on, and acrylic paints in the following colors: black, white, pink, cool blue, bright green, and gold. (Small paints are $1.69 at Michaels)

Step 2: Beginning

Removing the laces first, mix green, blue, and white together until you get a minty green paint. Then use the medium paint brush to paint your shoe. Cover the entire canvas with mint green paint- don't forget the tongue!

Step 3: Trim

Wait 2-4 hours for the green paint to dry, and then get the gold, pink, and black paint ready. Using the small paint brush, paint the trim gold. Don't forget the trim on the tongue! If you mess up and paint on the green- you can always mix up some more mint paint and retouch it.

Step 4: Blossoms

Clean the gold paint off the small paint brush using water and paper towels and dip the brush into the black paint. Begin painting the branches. Clean the black off the brush, and using the small brush with pink paint, paint the cherry blossoms. Clean the brush once more and dip it into the black paint again to add detail to the cherry blossoms.

Step 5: Letters

Put a few blobs of white paint on your plastic lid. Clean your small brush and dip it into white paint. Begin writing "Arizona" over the cherry blossoms. I outlined where the letters would go in white first, and then filled it in. Then, clean your small brush and dip it into black paint. Outline your letters in black.

Step 6: Fini

As much as I love simplicity, I felt there was something missing. I decided to decorate the back like this. The left foot says "100% Natural" and the right foot had the Japanese symbols that are on the Arizona Tea can. And with that, the design is finished. I can't wait to wear this design to school and show off my love for Arizona Tea. Please rate, comment, follow me, and check out my other designs! Thank you for the view and I hope you have fun making your Arizona Green Tea Shoes! <3

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