Introduction: Arizona Tea Canvas

About: I am an amateur artist. And I am Christian/buddhist. It's weird to explain.

Acrylic paint. (I used Apple Barrel paint from Walmart. The tiny bottles are about 98 cents.)
Black pen(optional)
Gold and silver markers.
Paint brushes
Something to mix paint in

Tips: to avoid buying every color you need, it's is easier to me to just get the primary colors :red, yellow, and blue. And also get white and black. With these colors, you can make just about any color except for the metallic colors. Black is for making it darker by adding a little and white is for a lighter color. (Obviously :p )

Step 1: These Are Pictures of Materials I Used.

Step 2: Sketch the Design

Sketch it. I looked at a can while doing it. Mine isn't exactly to scale and perfect but it's okay. This was the best I could do.

Step 3: Mix Red and White Paint for Pink.

Mix the red and white to get pink. Try not to waste paint by pouring to much. I poured way to much. Mix the paint till you get your pink that you desire. Then paint the flowers.

Step 4: The Silver Sharpie

On the can, at the very edges of the tree you might notice there is silver edging. So I lined the edge of the tree with silver marker on the right sides of the tree.

Step 5: The Pen (this Part Is Optional)

I lined the edges of the tree with black pen so it helped me see where to paint. But you might also want to use this for the thingies that come out of the flower and other flower detail as well.

(I got this pen from the dollar store. I just really like it because it bleeds the ink out a lot. But if you use this give it time to dry or else it'll mess up everything!)

Step 6: Paint the Letters

Paint the letters in white.

Step 7: Painting the Black, and the Gold Marker.

Paint the black where it is needed. And the gold goes around parts of the letters.

Step 8: Mixing the Green and Finishing

I mixed blue, yellow, and a little white to get a minty green. I used this for the background.

Step 9: Done!