Introduction: Arkham City Easter Eggs

I thought that one of the best parts of Batman: Arkham City was trying to find all of the hidden easter eggs and secrets. I have listed many, not quite all, of the easter eggs hidden around the infamous super-prison in this instructable. Many of these you may have found yourself, but I also included some of the lesser known ones.

I put a lot of work into this so I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Black Mask

In the beginning of the game, when you are arrested and being shoved through an assembly line, you could either follow the Tyger Guard's orders or turn left to find a defiant Black Mask. He is resisting two Tyger Guards in a corner with a chair. While trying to defend himself, he says, "Get me Strange!" This could suggest that there was a previous partnership between the two super-criminals.

If you solve Black Mask's riddle and read the story, you will learn that he was the only inmate to ever escape from Arkham City. And since you saw him earlier in the night, you know that he did it in only one night too.

Black Mask's wooden mask is also found in the museum in a display case.

Step 2: Deadshot

Also in the beginning, just after Black Mask's appearance, as you're making your way through the line, somebody is blocking your way. He says, "Bruce Wayne, your on my list..." and then makes a finger gun, goes BANG! and chuckles. This is Floyd Lawton, well known as Deadshot. When he says that you are on his list, he is referring to his side mission where he has to assassinate everyone on the list Black Mask gave him. Both Bruce Wayne and Batman are on this list. This means that Black Mask doesn't know Batman's secret identity.

Step 3: Lightsaber?

In Deadshot's secret weapons stash you uncover in his side mission, there is a black tube that resembles a lightsaber from Star Wars.

Lets just review:
Who voices the Joker?  And what is he best known for?

Step 4: Azrael Is Watching

Right after Deadshot's brief appearance, right when you enter the gate into Arkham City, if you look at the building up and to your left, you will see Azrael watching you as you fight off other inmates. His appearance is brief however,he will drop a smoke pellet and disappear quickly so don't miss him.

Step 5: Hush

After you save the medical team in the church, you can go over and talk around with the doctors. If you go over to the one on the left side, Adam Hamasaki, he is standing in front of a man on a stretcher. The man has bandages covering his face and has his arms around a box. If you talk to Adam, you will find that the man on the stretcher is a doctor that was smuggling tools and supplies until he cut his own face off. Adam also tells you that he tryed to pry the box loose from his grip but he wouldn't budge.

The man is Dr. Thomas Elliot, a.k.a. Hush. Throughout the game you find several victims without faces wrapped up similarly to Hush. The box most likely contains pieces of peoples faces Hush later uses to construct a face identical to Bruce Wayne.

Step 6: Hush's Necklace

In several places around Arkham City, there is a green necklace. This could be a reference to Hush's necklace that his mother gave him in the comics.

Step 7: The Joker Spoils It All...

While you're tracking the Joker, to the bell tower of the church, you find out the shot was controlled remotely. The Joker talks to you for a minute on the TV and then tells you, "All you need to worry about are the bombs!" and starts counting down. If you immediately jump out the window, like I did the first time, you might have missed one of the best easter eggs of the game.

Joker says,
"What are you waiting for? We both know how this is going to end: You're going to come and find me... You can't stop yourself can you? Sometimes I wonder if all this will end with one of us looking down at the other's corpse trying to figure out what to do next. The only question is... Whose body will it be? I know who I'm rooting for... What about you?

Step 8: Baby Joker?

Inside Joker's office, right next to Harley Quinn's nurse outfit from Arkham Asylum, there is a little box and a positive pregnancy test next to it. This could mean that Harley Quinn is pregnant with Joker's child.

However, in the Harley Quinn's Revenge story, as you go back to Joker's office, there is a crib in the middle of the room with clayface decorated up with green hair and a gorgeous smile. He is surrounded with dozens of false pregnancy tests and another box whose warning reads "MAY READ FALSE POSITIVES".

Step 9: Pay Your Respects

If you go to the Monarch Theatre, walk along the building to the right side of it. Climb over the gate and you will see a sign that says "CRIME ALLEY" in red paint. I know it hurts too much, but try to keep going down the alley until you come across a chalk outline of two people. There is a tape from Hugo Strange saying that the place it all began will also be the place it ends. "I will enjoy getting at you Wayne." There is also a single rose next to the outline and if you walk up to it, you can press X or A to "Pay Your Respects". If you do so, Batman will kneel and sad music accompanied by muffled gun shots will play as the camera spins slowly around an orphan who wages a one man war on crime.

Step 10: Killer Croc

You may have heard many inmates talk about Killer Croc, but you may not have known that he makes a special cameo appearance. As you are returning through the sewers from the Demon Trials and Ra's Al Ghul, you can throw a remote controlled batarang at a switch behind bars. Killer Croc will appear from out the murky water and have a convorsation telling you that he can smell death upon you and that he will wait until you die to eat you.

Step 11: Killer Croc in the Iceberg Lounge

In the Iceberg Lounge downloadable challenge map, Killer Croc can be seen sitting in a chair smoking a cigar and having a drink. The easiest way to get a good look at him is to throw a smoke pellet and use your remote control batarang.

Step 12: Happy Birthday Mr. Cobblepot!

In the same challenge map, The Penguin can be seen watching the fight. He is a little easier to notice than Killer Croc. If you look up to the ceiling, you will notice banners hanging that say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". This could mean that today is The Penguin's birthday.


Killer Croc's!

Step 13: "Only You"

Anybody who beat the game should have heard the Joker singing "Only You" when the credits roll by. But why did you hear it? The Joker recorded it and made sure one of his thugs sent it out if he should die that night. What most people don't understand is that Batman isn't only the Joker's greatest enemy, but he is also the closest thing he has for a friend.

Step 14: Ice Trail

After you tell Mr. Freeze where Nora Fries is, if you come back to the GCPD, there will be a frozen path on the water leading to where Nora is.  There, you can talk to Mr. Freeze again.

Step 15: Rocksteady Developers Arrested

In the GCPD, there is a list of people recently arrested:

Joshua Dahdrai
Escaped from lawful custody without force
Corruption of Authority
Destruction and damaging of an aircraft
Offences against international protection of nuclear material

David Tyndale
Hijacking of ships "Aviation" and "Maritime"
Possession and distribution of prohibited weapon and ammunition

David Higgins
Possession and distribution of prohibited weapon and ammunition
Soliciting to commit murder

Jigar Patel
Use of firearm to resist arrest
Causing bodily injury by explosives
Possession and distribution of prohibited weapon and ammunition

Noel Chamberlain
Administration of chloroform and laudanum
Attempting to choke and suffocate victim

Johnny Armstrong
Possession of explosives
Possession and distribution of prohibited weapon and ammunition
Possession and administration of poison

All of these people are developers of Rocksteady.

Step 16: Great White Shark

In the Amusement Mile section of the city, there is a sign that reads "W WHITE".  This is a reference to a lesser-known Batman foe.  Warren White was trapped in Mr. Freeze's subzero cell at Arkham Asylum, which turned his skin white and froze his lips off.  From that day on, he is known as the Great White Shark.

Step 17: Leslie Thompkins

In Amusement Mile, there is a sign for a Medical Clinic for Leslie Thompkins.  Leslie worked with Thomas Wayne and is an ally and a friend to Batman.

Step 18: Tea Party

Once you defeat Mad Hatter, if you go back to the building that had the "cure" on it, you can find a tea set ready for a party.

Step 19: Batman Begins

During the Demon Trials, a train can be seen going off the rails and crashing. This is similar to how Ra's Al Ghul died in Batman begins when the Gotham City monorail crashes.

Step 20: Batman Returns

In several places around Arkham City, there are huge Cheshire Cat heads.  The same heads can be seen on Shreck's department stores in Tim Burton's "Batman Returns".

Also, in the steel mill, you can find a giant rubber ducky used by The Penguin in the movie.

Step 21: Box O' Fun

In the Steel Mill, you can find a box that has many tricks of the Joker's. Perhaps the most noticeable item in this box is a laughing fish from Batman: The Animated Series.

Also in the box, are the x-ray glasses The Joker used in Arkham Asylum.

Step 22: The Long Halloween

On Maroni's Italian Restaurant, found next to the Hat Shop.  There is a sign that reads:


This is the date when the shop was attacked in "The Long Halloween" comic.

Also, doesn't seem strange that Calendar Man is the only inmate locked up in Arkham City?  Well, in "The Long Halloween", Calendar Man is the only inmate in a glass cell as he is in Arkham City.

Step 23: Hush Little Baby...

If you beat New Game Plus, then you probably heard Harley Quinn sing a twisted version of "hush little baby". This just adds to the positive pregnancy test and other easter eggs related to Joker's baby.

Step 24: Man-Bat?

In the top of the church tower, there is a bloody rat on top of a pile of straw that looks like something has been nesting in it. Many people think that this is a reference to a villain named Man-Bat who is a human, sized bat that lives in the top of the church and drinks the blood of animals. Okay maybe, but wait...

In the corner, there are two goblets that are supposedly used to drink blood. Okay, now I'm convinced.

But wait... Rocksteady confirmed that Man-Bat does not exist in the game. Well then what could these odd objects be for?

Many hardcore believers of this myth also think that they see Man-Bat flying around that area. They're just seeing crows.

I almost wish this was a real Man-Bat easter egg.

Step 25: Shark Repellent.

I hope you all remember the greatest Batman movie...

That's right, Batman: The Movie from 1966. At first, when you fight Tiny the shark, Batman was supposed to pull out his shark repellent and spray it in Tiny's face. But the idea was scrapped and instead a less obvious reverence was made.

If you die while fighting the shark, on the game over screen, a hint will pop up telling you to use shark repellent next time.

Step 26: The Guardians of Wonder City

Remember when we had to scan the Guardians of Wonder City and waited in suspense for them all to jump up and start fighting you? Even just looking at the picture above gives me chills. Well, it never happened did it? But instead in Harley Quinn's Revenge you finally got the chance to fight them.

If you return to Wonder City during Protocol Ten, you will find all the Guardians piled up in the middle of the street. Odd, I know. And if you come back after you beat the game, they will all be gone.

Could this be part of Harley Quinn's plan to collect them and ultimately use them against you?

Step 27: The Duality of a Man

Remember the very first thing you see in the game? Good. Now, remember the last thing you see? Don't they look kind of similar? The "Duality Of A Man" painting is an obvious reference to Two-Face in his office, but it is also another reference to the end of the game. The title itself actually is also a reference to the relationship between Batman and The Joker. Like Cain and Abel, they are like two brothers that always try to kill each other until one dies and they realize they won't be the same without the other.

Remember when The Scarecrow was thought to have died in Arkham Asylum? Do you remember Batman's reaction? There wasn't one...

But when The Joker died, there was heavy emotion. The thugs outside the theatre just let Batman walk right by. Nobody knew what to do.

Also when I saw this, I couldn't help but thinking of Batman carrying Jason Todd's dead body from "A Death In The Family."

Step 28: Crazy Quilt.

While tracking down the League of Assassins, you can hear a group of thugs talking. One of them says that he's seen everybody in Arkham City. He says that he's even heard that Crazy Quilt was seen. Crazy Quilt is one of those really cheesy terrible villains like Matter-Eater-Lad (yes, his power is to eat stuff). I personally think that it is great that even though this is a terrible character, he is at least acknowledged.

Step 29: Bat Signal

On the roof of the GCPD, the old Bat Signal can be seen on the left side.

Step 30: Catwoman Alternate Ending

In the third Catwoman level, you have to sneak into Tyger's vault and steal the treasure within. After the enemies are defeated and you find the loot, you have the choice to either save Batman, or to just escape to Gotham City. When I played this part, I wasn't quite sure what they meant and thought my only option was to go right (escape to Gotham City). The credits started rolling and you could hear Oracle trying to contact someone to help. She says that Joker has won. By this she probably means that he has taken over the entire city and slaughtered anyone in his way. At this point, I am wide-eyed and my jaw has dropped. It was actually pretty scary. Then everything reversed.

Step 31: Joker Secret Message

If you play the reversal of Catwoman's alternate ending backwards (which is "forwards") and slow it down, you can hear the Joker saying, "Thank you for the entertainment, Bats!"

He is probably referring to how fun it was to take over the whole city while Batman lays dead.

Step 32: Rocksteady Developer Stores

In Wonder Tower foundations, almost all the stores are named after a developer from Rocksteady.

Step 33: No Man's Land

Did you ever wonder why most of Amusement Mile was flooded? Well, some of you might have read the story on it, and others may just be awesome. In the story, it is said that there was an earthquake that caused it to flood. In the comic book "No Man's Land", a giant earthquake shatters Gotham City and forces the city to be cut off from the rest of the world.

Step 34: The Terror

Outside the Monarch Theatre, there is a movie poster for "The Terror" starring Basil Karlo. For those who don't know, Basil Karlo is Clayface. In the comic book, "Joker's Asylum", The Joker tells about Clayface's origin. Basil Karlo was an actor before he became Clayface. "The Terror" was one of the last movies he performed in before he gained unreal powers.

The other names on the poster are people from DC Comics and Warner Bros:

Step 35: Gentleman Ghost

In Wonder Tower foundations, a sign can be seen that reads:

"Gentlemen's Hats and Accessories" with a picture that resembles Gentleman Ghost.

Step 36: The Moment You've All Been Waiting For...

Yes! Many of you have been thinking, "Where are all the Scarecrow easter eggs?"

Best for last, right?

But first, a moment to refresh...

In Arkham Asylum, The Scarecrow was one of the main villains and certainly one of the most memorable. I think the reason why I was not afraid to walk around the corner in Arkham City was because I knew that there was no chance of me running into the reason I was in Arkham Asylum. In Arkham Asylum, the interview tapes tell us that Dr. Johnathon Crane has been testing his fear toxin on the doctors of Arkham. You end up encountering him a total of three times throughout the whole story and every one left me shivering. You end up chasing him down into the sewers where Killer Croc lives. He threatens to poison Gotham City's water supply with his infamous fear toxin when Killer Croc jumps up out of the water and pulls him down. In his Arkham City story, it tells there are rumors of Crane surviving by floating off in an empty barrel, but it is uncertain. However, in one of the alternate endings of Arkham Asylum, The Scarecrow is shown reaching up from out the water and grabbing a titan container. This and all the easter eggs in Arkham City almost ensure that he will return.

It turns out that The Scarecrow will return in Arkham Knight supposedly as the main villain.

Step 37: Scarecrow's Mask

I know it's not technically an easter egg since it's a riddle, but I still think it's worth pointing out.

If you go on top of the bridge next to the Gotham City Radio tower, you can see The Scarecrow's mask. If you scan it, you can read the story I mentioned earlier.

Step 38: Scarecrow Team-Up With Riddler?

In The Riddler's third hostage room, there are canisters that have The Scarecrow's symbol on them. When I saw this, I literally had chills running down my spine.

Step 39: Scarecrow Team-Up With Hush?

In Hush's hideout, there is a canister of The Scarecrow's fear toxin like in The Riddler's third hostage room.

But I don't understand...

What is Hush using this vile stuff for? He doesn't have any hostages to intimidate like The Riddler? Maybe, in Arkham Knight, Hush will return as an ally of The Scarecrow's.

Step 40: Scarecrow Henchmen?

During Protocol Ten, There can be dead thugs laying around that are wearing brown costumes similar to The Scarecrow's. Some people deny the fact and believe that it is just a texture glitch. But, if it was, it would have been patched in the Armored Edition.

Step 41: Scarecrow Team-Up With Joker?

There is no really solid evidence to this, but instead just hints here and there.

The first thing is when Batman starts to hallucinate. I believe he does twice after receiving The Joker's poisoned blood. First on the way down to Ra's Al Ghul when he see's a bright light as the door opens up to reveal his parents. Second when he fights Mr. Freeze and think's he see's the Joker's face instead of Victor Freis'.

Next is the haze over the Steel Mill. I kind of reminds me of the smoke above The Scarecrow's nightmares. Some might say that it's just because of the smoke stacks and such, I would too if it wasn't all spinning towards the center like in Arkham Asylum.

Lastly, most of The Scarecrow's suspected thugs are in The Joker's general area.

Step 42: Scarecrow Secret Messages

Many of you may have heard the odd radio frequencies on the cryptographic sequencer that seem to just ramble off random numbers. At first, I had no idea what they were and just thought it was to make the radio seem a little more active. These series of numbers can be decoded to reveal secret messages meant specifically for the Dark Knight.

The first one found at 700 by 500:

9 23 9 12 12 18 5 20 21 18 14 2 1 20 13 1 14

This one can be decoded by a simple A=1 B=2 C=3 and translates to:


The second one found at 500 by 900:

5 15 9 7 21 18 18 14 3 5 24 15 12 7 22 3 5 24 15 12 7 22 3 10 5 1 9 22 3 8 25 26 15 16 25 10 15 17 25

This can be deciphered by Z=1 Y=2 X=3 and then shifting up so that Z=4 Y=5 X=6 and translates to:


The third one found at 200 by 500:

3 20 26 18 26 16 24 1 11 4 24 9 3 8 5 2 12 18 6 16 7 11 3 10 17 5 13 4 21 8

This one is very complicated to decipher so I won't even attempt to describe it. Those of you who know how to use a vigenere cipher could probably figure it out. It translates to:


When I first heard these signals, I just shrugged them off. But now, when I try listening in on them, I can't help but shiver at the eeriness of the complete silence and the monotone of the speaker. Just imagine if something like this happened in real life where everything just stops kind of similar to Zod's message in "Man Of Steel".

Step 43: Scarecrow Shipment

Hmmm... An odd little boat floating in the harbor. Let's try to use our cryptographic sequencer on it. Oh, look! It opens up to reveal the most important easter egg of the game!

I really do wonder how this one was discovered.

If you go to where The Scarecrow's mask is, and look towards the Steel Mill, you will see a lonely boat in the water. Go on it, stand near the hatch door, and use your cryptographic sequencer. No circle will show up to hack something like with all the other hacks. The password is "CITY OF TERROR" and is supposed to be the hardest password in the game to crack.

Once you get the password, the hatch will open. If you go in, it will switch to first person mode and you will see many boxes of cockroaches on shelves. Go to the end of the boat where the inmate is sitting on the chair. If you look directly at the inmate, he will freak out and then die. Look to your left. You should see a letter to Doctor Johnathon Crane.

"Live insects for medical research purposes."

Jonathan, I hope you find everything to be satisfactory, Mr. Fine was very specific about the shipping details and we have followed them to the letter. By now you will have received the initial 15 shipments. The rest are in transit and will be with you shortly.

Could these insects help The Scarecrow spread his fear toxin throughout Gotham City? Could they be a main part in Arkham Knight? I guess we'll just have to wait to find out...

Step 44: Thanks for Reading

Unfortunately, I did not have the time or resources to include every single one of Arkham City's easter eggs, but I am pretty darn close. I hope you enjoyed the ones that I had. Leave me your thoughts about your favorite easter egg and about the best part of the game.


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