Arm Chair Makeover

Introduction: Arm Chair Makeover

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Arm Chair Makeover {Holy Crap-what did I get myself into!}

I was looking for ages for a nice arm chair for my living room corner. Of course, my first store to look at was Anthropologie. Their furniture is just great, unfortunately their prices too! I was not ready to pay $800 for my chair, so I turned to my second {much loved} option: Craigslist.

I found my arm chair for lovely $20 and I ordered the fabric online from Amy Butler for $9/yard I believe.

Since I had no clue, how to upholster a chair, I followed this tutorial. But first I spray painted the feet.

After many hours of de-upholstering (is that a word?), sanding, staining, sewing, stapling… my painstaking work is finally complete and this is how it looks,  gorgeous!

But me, I am totally tired, no patience left, a blue finger (I hammered on it several times), the fabric was almost not enough, which put me on the edge of having  a nervous break down, lol (what do you do, if you are missing 3 inches of fabric? You are trying to find any kind of yellow fabric in your house and end up cutting your $80 skirt apart to substitute the missing piece!).

So, what I’ve learned from this project?  Well, upholstery is deffinately not my thing, I have way too less patience for that;-)

More info on my website.

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    De Butler
    De Butler

    6 years ago on Introduction

    The "after" chair looks better in my opinion. Good job! I am very curious how you did this.

    Btw, the link you refer to doesn't seem to work.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I liked the grey color better. The yellow floral stuff looks like something in my grandmas house.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I congratulate you on your courage in taking on a project like this but how does this qualify as an instructable?

    Deupholstering is called teardown. GREAT job! See why it costs so flippin' much?
    I love it that you tried it and did it.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Your right, it's georgeous. Love it and I want one.