Arm Safety Blinkers From Bike Blinkers

Introduction: Arm Safety Blinkers From Bike Blinkers

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Bike safety blinkers are great but are only good for front and back of bike. Besides small reflectors on the wheels if they are there or haved fallen off yet, you don't have much a car to notice you at night this is a great uno I always use for visibility...


Two bike rechargeable bike blinkers with the rubber strap

Garden strap

Heat gun

Long nose pliers

Step 1: Reshape the Hook

Take the heat gun and carefully heat only the small hook of the bike blinkers and use pliers to pinch the hook smaller, so the garden strap will stay on better.

Step 2: Adding the Adjustable Strap

Take the garden strap and carefully add the female end to the loop and under part of the blinker rubber housing so the garden strap end lays flat, if you break the rubber housing opening use super glue and glue the garden strap flat against the blinker

Step 3: Make Adjustable Arm Loop

Now take the male end of garden strap and put it through the first whole of the blinker rubber strap...slide your arm through the loop to the upper arm and pull the garden strap until it is tight and will not move...
You can easily untighten and remove from arm by pulling on the black rubber strap and the garden strap will slide had operation

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    What is "garden strap"?