Introduction: Armchair

Hello everybody, it is my scale model of a french armchair.

My small chair was made looking at photos in internet. I did't have patterns, just drew proportionately the pieces. The materials used were:

Fabric (textured chamois)
Thread Terlenca(1mm diameter aprox)
Acrylic paint (gold)


and lot of patience

Step 1: Seatback

I drew the seatback in 4 pieces of 20 × 15 cm cardboard, two of them was glued together, and cutted off. In order to bend it, I sprayed with alcohol. When the cardboard is wet, is easier to bend. I bend the wet cardboard over a curved surface, I used my leg (you can use a bottle), it depends on the desired curvature, making pressure for some minutes until the cardboard is dry. Be sure than the seatback fit on the seat base.

The other pieces are for the frames. One of them should be a little bigger (fot the external) and the other one a little smaller (for the inner). The frame is aprox 5 mm. Don't discard the remaining pieces because they'll be used for the upholstery.

Is necesary to reduce the size of the remaninig pieces, about 2 mm (equitably)

The frames were glued on the bend seatback

Step 2: Seat

I glued about 4 layers of cardboard and drew and cuted the seat. Was necessary to make the slot for the legs. Then I glued the seat and the seatback. I sanded the edges and, for a better finish, I spread the red putty and sanded again. I cut a 0.3 x 30 cm strip of carboard with a semicircle in the middle. This strip was glued around the seat.

The legs were made by joining six layers of cardboard, a 3.5 x 2.5 cm rectangle it's enough. Cut four legs, and then insert them into the slot of the seat. They were sanded and spreaded with red putty.

Step 3: Upholstery

The pieces left over at step one, was used for the upholstery. It was necessary to make them smaller to adjust in the spaces (with the fabric glued).The external ones was just covered with fabric and the internal ones was quilt.

I decorated with a richelieu (paint). Then I painted golden color, and glued the upholstered pieces.

And finally, with terlenca thread, I decorated to simulate the silk cord used in furniture.

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