Introduction: Armored- a Lego Wargame

About: lego geek who loves Minecraft.

This game is a custom game I designed by myself, with the fact that I like legos and war machines.

Step 1: Tree

take a 2x2 jumper plate, put a round 1x1 brick on the stud, then put a 2x2 round plate on top.

Step 2: Tank/Armored Car

Pretty self-explanatory, use the pictures to guide you.

Step 3: Tank Lives

Step 4: Bush

Step 5: Playing the Game

you will also need a 1x8 plate to use as a scoop, like putting it in front of the tank and moving the tank to the end of the plate. for shooting, see next step.

optional: you can make a base for everybody so can respawn and go back to base so they can revive hearts.

Step 6: Shooting

1. make sure that you can touch both tanks, the attacking tank and the target tank.

2. roll a die and see the next step for declaring if tank was hit or not.

Step 7: Declaring If You Hit the Enemy Tank or Not

make an index card folded into 3 parts, and then write down the following:

tank- 1245

tree- 235

bush- first player, 1245 second player, 235

these are the die rolls needed to score a hit