Introduction: Army Footlocker to Ottoman

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While cleaning out my Hubby’s parent’s home, we came across my Hubby’s missing Army Foot Locker.  We got it home, brought into the house and it has sit in the living room ever since.  I was not happy, frankly because it was ugly!  So, I told my Hubby if he wanted it to stay in the living room it would have to be painted black and I would cover the top of the box with foam and fabric that would go with our living room décor.  Next thing I knew he had painted it black and I needed to go find the right upholstery material to take care of the top.  This is how we turned the old Army Footlocker into an Ottoman.

An old army foot locker
Black flat acrylic paint ($3 for a 8 oz. sample jar at home supply stores)
Paint brush
News papers
½ yard upholstery material (on clearance $4/yd. instead of $20/yd.)
Decorative nails ($2 for 48, I used 1 ½ packages and I used a coupon)
Foam (it was some left over from several other projects)
I went into the living room and my Hubby had put newspaper under the footlocker and had grabbed my paint and his favorite paint brush and was painting the footlocker black.  Already it looked a lot better. 
A day for two later, I were to a craft supply store and bought a yard of upholstery material in good colors for our living room, and the decorative nails.  I came home and went downstairs and come back up again with the scrap foam, a hammer, and a pair of scissors. 
I wanted the foam to be twice as thick as it was, so, I laid the foam on the box and cut away the stuff that hung over the edges.  I repeated with the second layer of foam.  Perfect!
I laid the material I bought over the foam.  I cut off the excess, leaving enough that I would be able to fold the edges of the material under. 
Then I opened the nails and nailed the decorative nails through the folded under favbric, into the edge of the lid of the box.  I first did the back side then I worked my way around the box working counter clock wise.  (You don’t have to do it that direction, I’m just telling you how I did it.) 

I spaced the nails quite a ways apart then I went back and filled in the spaces with more nails.  I used my finger to tuck the extra material into the corners.  DONE!  It’s looks a lot better.  Yeah, it can stay in the living room.
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