Introduction: Army Tent Made From Half Pipe

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Ever want an army style tent but just cant afford it. if you Have an unused half pipe setting around you can Turn it into an army tent clubhouse. If your fortunate enough to be Canadian and traded a case of moose head for a half pipe and salmon . Then it's not expensive. This project cost me under $60.

Step 1: Flip Upright

My quarter pipes are 8ftx8ftx4ft made of fibre glass. Flip them upright. I used some 4x8 sheets of plywood for the base then put the quarter pipes on top.

Step 2: Build Wall and Door

I used the middle section of the half pipe and cut it to the shape of the tent. Then bolted it on and cut a door . Two hinges and that's done. I then washes it inside and out with tsx. And then paint.

Step 3: Paint

I used a gallon of outdoor paint. Two coats.

Step 4: Decorate

I used 2'x2' fuzzy interlocking floor panels to cover the floor and furnished

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