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Aromator is a simple device to maintain air quality and help make the room smell nice. It a box with an air freshner pouch and a fan which drives the air in and dispenses the smell through the holes. The design enables the user to adjust the smell according to his/her need ...

P.S. : I am a college goer so this helps me out a lot, for obvious reasons ;-)

Step 1: The Things We Need...

For making your room smell lovely, (as well as procrastinate cleaning the mess you) we need:

1)A cardboard box (I used a amazon cartoon box, the longer it is the better)

2)Cardboard pieces to act as supports

3)A 12V fan (I ripped it out of an old SMPS, usually you can find it very cheaply in computer repair shops.)

4)A 12V power supply
5)A switch (well you can choose not to use it but it turned out to be quite handy for me)
6)Wrapping paper to make it look beautiful (or should I say glamorous :-) )

7)An of course an air freshener pouch or pocket (I like the smell of Odonil's zipper fragnances, but I guess every snowflake has his own taste)

Along with this we need a bit of tape for wrapping and closing the top. The whole project can be made by recycling old stuff (I know I should not be writing this here but our incessant consumerism, is indeed destroying our planet, recycle as much as you can...And don't try to find the irony here, there is none.)

Step 2: The Build Up...(Drums Crescendo)

Make a hole to fit the fan, keeping in mind that air is to be blown inside the box. Pace a cardboard support inside perpendicular to the air flow for holding the air freshener pocket. Make a number of holes for the air to escape dispersing the smell.
I made a series of holes such that as air moves along the box the pressure decreases drastically so the position of the pocket determines the amount dispersed. We can also cover up the pocket to reduce the strength of the smell. You can make less number of holes or cover them up to further increase the smell.
Along with this I also made a hole for the switch joining it with fan in series. The supply line can be taken out through one of the holes and connected to the power supply.

Before installing the fans, switches or the pocket support cover the box with gift paper of your choice. I kind of the liked the designs of the one I chose. Wrap the box keeping the top open but covering the flaps. It needs to be opened to change the air freshener pockets. Finally after all the installation and placing the pocket close the top and use tape with low adhesive strength as it will be removed when the pocket gets over.

Step 3: It's Done. Do I Smell Something Nice

Connect the whole assembly to the power supply. Run the fans and breathe in the sweet smell of completion...

Step 4:

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