Introduction: Around the World in 80 Years

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One day my son came home with an old, dirty world globe he had found near the trash. It was one of those that can be lit. The old globe was around the house for a while, until it came to my mind what to do with it. Soon it was going to be Grandpa's birthday, he was going to be 80. We could look for photos from different periods of his life and paste them on the globe.

Step 1: We Will Need...



-Scissors of different cuts


Step 2: Don't Cut the Originals!!!

Once the photos have been selected, they must be photocopied on standard paper. The originals are saved. We cut the photocopies.

Step 3: Collage

Once the photos of different sizes have been cut, the collage can be created. Color photos can be combined with black and white photos

Step 4: A Golden Touch

I used an acrylic paint to give a golden touch to the outline and the base of the globe.

Step 5: Finished!

A personalized gift, a lamp and a photo album!!!

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