Introduction: Arrow Vane Modification

A while back when I started archery, I bought some cheap arrows from the sports store about 8 miles down the road. I used them and abused them for target practice but there was a problem starting to come up. My vanes were cheaply glued on and as they brushed past my bow while shooting, they began to tear off. I didn't think much of it until I literally had one vane left and my arrows were flying like bats at moths. I don't have any money and really didn't know what else to do so I just stopped shooting for a while. I had an idea about a month ago for how to fix this issue but I needed the materials for the build. They weren't just any ole materials either. Especially for me. I needed 3 Copenhagen can lids. 2 wintergreen and 1 straight. I don't dip so this was fairly difficult to find in good condition but after about 2 weeks I had all my seals.

1. Determine what shape you want your vanes. Try to ,are sure your seals are as flat as possible for best flight.

2. Use tin snips to cut them out and try to stay as consistent as possible because if not it will be unbalanced.

3. Use a soft clamp to hold the arrow in the air while you J.B. Weld the lids to he arrow at equal spacing.

4. Let sit for however long it says to sit and make sure it glued correctly and straight.

5. Try em out.

Step 1:

Uncap the 2 J.B. Weld tubes and mix a small amount of each in wax paper. Then glue the lid to the arrow like the picture above. Try to keep it as straight as possible otherwise your arrow will twist in flight. To hold the vane (lid) in place, try using a dot of superglue or a tad bit of hot glue. I used a little super glue and it worked fine. Let it cure for the whole night and do the next one in the morning. Repeat this process till all 3 vanes are lined up and glued well.

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