Introduction: Arrow of Light Display

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The last little while I have noticed several wonderful Arrow of Light displays, that people who work in Cub Scout Packs, have created for boys, who have earned the highest award available to a boy in Cub Scouting; The Arrow of Light.  I started in Cub Scouts in March of 1991, and our Pack had been doing our type of display for at least 10 years previous to that.  Since I need to create at least 1 shield (as we call them) for this last month’s Pack Meeting, I decided to mass produce and then when an Arrow of Light is earned, I am ready, (Scout motto:  Be Prepared).  So here is what we do for an Arrow of Light Display.

Step 1:

The shield which is cut from the pleather is 18inchs across the top, and 13.5 inches from the top to the tip.  I created a pattern from poster board which we use to make new ones as needed.

Step 2:

Use a hole punch to punch 4, ¼ inch holes, evenly spaced across the top. 

Step 3:

Use an eyelet setter to set an eyelet in each hole.  This prevents the holes from being torn out.

Step 4:

This is rexlace.

Step 5:

Cut 4 6inch pieces of rexlace. Stick a piece through the eyelet covered hole and tie a square knot. 

Step 6:

Be aware that rexlace doesn’t tie knots well, so I get the knot as tight as I can then I put a drop of super glue on the knot.  The Super glue will keep the knot from untying.  Cut off the extra ends.

Step 7:

I take the shield to the parents of the boy getting the Arrow of Light.  The parents are responsible for removing all the awards, etc. from his shirt (his empty shirt is now a previously experience shirt and can be used by a little brother or someone else), and attach them to the shield.

Step 8:

Now for the arrow, until recently, we just used a simple arrow; the cheapest found anywhere you can find them. 

Step 9:

Then I saw this Instructable:  Wow!  Now we use the same basic system. Only I bought colored vinyl and cut them in the widths needed.  I would wrap the piece of vinyl around the arrow for each award earned and paint some clear nail polish over where the ends meet to seal it.  

Step 10:

At Pack Meeting we would set up the Pack Arrow of Light Display board, the parents would bring the completed shield and we would hang it form the arrow with the Cub’s award record recorded on it.  We also have each boy who earns Arrow of Light sign the display board. Cool.  Our boys love it, and because it is tradition, it is easy to know what to do for each Arrow of Light.  Enjoy!