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Introduction: Arrow Searching Device

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yes you might think, what on earth is an Arrow Searching device...  well, its a handy tool when you are shooting outdoor, with high grass, decent level of snow, sand, or a think layer of leafs. what it does, if you use it correctly, it "hooks" your arrow, so you dont have to search very long. as any archer knows when shooting an arrow in 1 foot high grass, it can be hell of a search to retrieve it.

these tools are very hard to find in shots, but pretty easy to make.

If you have any questions, improvements, idea's about it, please share them!!!! 

Step 1: Materials Needed.

You can make these things out of certain materials. mine was totally free because i had all the stuff laying around. try being creative, there is almost no way to make this wrong. 

i used the following things:

stick of bamboo, 1 meter long, for the handle (easy to buy at garden stores, used most to keep small high plants up(like tomato plants)) make sure its strong, a thick part is best.   also mine was very smooth, can be an dis
Metal rod (search part in my case)

patch of sheep skin(leather and wool on it)
glue (i used Fletchtite platinum, from bohning, used for fletching normally but awsome glue for other things as well!!
doublesided adhesive tape(or piece of ducktape folded)
empty bullet shell(dont know what caliber, i think its .308)

hands(very usefull)

Step 2: Making the Pieces

i started out with searching a piece of bamboo where my metal rod would fit in tight, but wouldnt break the bamboo appart. when i found it i started bending it. 

the rod came from an old printer i once demolished. due to many years of laying somewhere, meeting unknown forces it already bend a little bit(the small bend) . the second, big bend i made by putting it in a vice, and bending it the right way so it would still be flat when you lay it on the floor. it is a bit of trail and error, mine is just over 90 degrees with the rest of the shaft(aka, the bamboo part) so the arrow will come up if you found it.

once i had the bending done, i could measure the bamboo. to long isnt handy, to short will break your back after a while. my piece is just over a feet, but im rather small so its better to make a longer piece when you are a little bit longer.
of course it also depends on how long your hook is. 
im not sure whether its important for the bamboo but i saw it off around 2 inches above a grow ring. a piece of tape can be handy as some bamboo rods can splinter with long splinters when you saw them. 

if you havent done it yet. insert the rod in the bamboo tightly, perhaps with some glue if you are sure it is all good. 

next part, the finishing touches!

Step 3: The Finishing Touches

so, now we are going to upgrade the thing with some finishing touches. 

i taped a piece of double sided tape on the top end, then i put the leather on it all the way around. 
i found out that because the bamboo piece i choose was very smooth and hard(like plastic) the glue wouldnt bond. with a knife or some sand paper you can rough up the bamboo and still use the glue(fletchtite in my case). 

i dont have a photo of it at the moment,
i took one of the empty shells i once got from my grandpa, and used a saw to saw off like 3 mm below the "neck" of the shell. i used it to put it over the bamboo where the rod goes in. looked a bit neater i think. 

be creative, use what you have around. you could decorate the handle with some paracord, for example. 

Step 4: Usage

still no pictures of this yet, but il explain it.

you shoot in the high grass(you missed target in 3d game for example).

remember around where the arrow hit the grass/went under anything else

walk toward that point, from that point on, scrape with your scratcher horizontally. if you shoot good, your arrow will be vertical from where you stand(makes sense right).
scrape once for every 4 inches or so, and the farther you go from the point where you last saw your arrow, search conical. arrows never fly straith, and underground they can always get out of your shooting line. 

hope you enjoyed my ible, and could follow it a bit!. 

for the lazy people out there who dont want to make one, you can also use a paint roller without the roller part, they are roughly the same shape as my hook, but already have a handle etc. 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    this one is out of date. the improved version is here:


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    sadly this one is broken after a few good uses. the metal rod kept sliding out of the bamboo.

    i do have a new one, which is way better. will make an ible of it when i have time to upload some pictures