Introduction: Arrows 1.0

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These are the soft tipped arrows that I use along with my longbow (there's a suggestable for that too).

Unlike the myriad of sword models (Beta, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0) that I have, this is the latest model of arrow that I make. I don't have a suggestable for beta arrows. If you want to make those, here's how: Find a straight stick and carve a nock in one end with a pocket knife.

Unfortunately, there isn't much that was recycled when I made this. Here's what it's made of:

1) Thin wooden rods cut in half for the shaft of the arrow. These were only a little bit bendy. Try not to have the arrows be too bendy, they could snap.
2) Foam tape
3) Normal tape
4) Wire
5) Duct tape

The foam tip keeps these from hurting anyone. These work well for LARPing, having shooting arrows all over the yard, and - so long as you have a good aim (you don't want to hit the audience) - theater. I have a suggestable for a bow to go with this, and a quiver that's still in Beta. Ratings and comments are awesome, guys, as are suggestions as to how I could improve the arrows.

UPDATE: These needed way more padding. The arrows now have around one and a half square inches of solid foam on their tips.