Fabric "Canvas" Using Embroidery Hoops




Introduction: Fabric "Canvas" Using Embroidery Hoops

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Everything about my wall was TOO SQUARE! Square fireplace, rectangular bookcases, tv, etc. I wanted... I NEEDED to add some round elements for balance and to create a more pleasing aesthetic.

These were fairly cheap to create, I daresay cheaper than buying a round, framed canvas from a craft store.

***Alternate approach without using glue in the next step!***


  • 2 large embroidery hoops (approximately 11$, I got them at 40% off)
  • scrap fabric
  • glue gun and about 4 glue sticks (regular not mini)
  • pen/pencil
  • yardstick / ruler / measuring tape
  • cutting machine (or stencil)
  • vinyl & transfer paper
  • paint
  • hammer
  • 2 nails

Marking Your Center

Remove the inner hoop from the outer hoop. Throw away the outer hoop.

Place hoop vertically on a flat surface.

Mark the bottom on the inside of the hoop. While holding the bottom point down, mark the highest point on the hoop.

Measuring & Cutting Your Fabric

Measure the diameter of your hoop. Mine measured 18".

Add two extra inches. 18" + 2" = 20" Consider the extra 2" your allowance. You need this to fold over your hoop's edges.

Your fabric should be cut at 20" x 20"

After cutting, on the wrong side of the fabric, mark the center at the top and the bottom of your fabric cuts.

Step 1: Mount the Fabric

  1. Align the top center mark of the fabric with the top center mark of the hoop.
  2. Apply hot glue on the outside rim and glue down.
  3. Repeat for the bottom marks.
  4. Work your way from those points along the outside rim.
  5. Gently tug on the tabric vertically so that it becomes taught and pulled tight and not slacking.
    • DO NOT pull on the fabric horizontally! This will distort the design.
  6. Afterwards, apply glue on the inside rim and fold fabric over and down.
  7. Trim the excess from the corners.
  8. Flip over and admire!

***If you have a gorgeous fabric that is itself a piece of art, you could technically stop here and hang them on your walls!

*** Alternatively, you can skip the gluing step all together and just stretch the fabric the way you regularly would on an embroidery hoop with by putting the inside piece and tightening the screw on the outer piece with around it. I wanted a clean circle so this option wasn't for me.

Step 2: Make Your Stencil

If you have a cutting machine such as a Silhouette of KNK Zing you can fashion any design you'd like into a stencil.

Alternatively, if you don't, you can purchase a stencil at a craft store, create your own symmetrical designs using masking tape techniques, or let the fabric stand on it own.

After my design was cut, I removed the positive space (the design).

With some transfer paper, I placed the negative space (the background) and centered it on my canvas.

Then I painted!

While the paint was still wet, I removed the vinyl. I find that if it dries the paint does not keep as neat.

Finally, you can hang up and admire your new art!

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