Introduction: Art Deco Paper Lampshade

I got bored with my old lampshade and decided it was time to try something new. I've always loved art deco styles and thought I'd give it my own spin. This lampshade was easy, fun, and I made it in an afternoon without making a trip to the craft store, so it was a total win.



colored paper

colored cardstock

scotch tape

packing tape

masking tape

hot glue



pendant lamp

Step 1: Design

I drew up this design in Adobe Illustrator and exported it as a .dxf to cut it out on my Silhouette Cameo. If you don't feel up to designing your own, I've attached my files for you to use.

If you don't have a Silhouette, keep in mind that you can always print the image and cut it by hand with an X-acto and a ruler.

Step 2: Cutting Design

Cut four of the design out of cardstock. I used my Silhouette to do the cutting for me, but an X-acto and a ruler would work just as well.

Step 3: Cut Cardboard

Trace the outside of the cardstock pieces onto cardboard and cut them out with a boxcutter.

Cut out the inside 1/4" (or the width of the edges of the cardstock) from the edge.

You'll need four of these as well.

Step 4: Cardboard Frame

Tape the four frame pieces together as shown.

Step 5: Corners

Fold a piece of paper in half and mark the length from the top of the cardstock piece to the side corner on the folded edge. On the top edge, mark 1.5" from the folded edge and cut a straight line between your two marks to create a triangle template.

Use the template to cut four triangles from cardboard and tape them in place at the top of the frame.

Step 6: Base

This step is optional, as you could certainly keep the bottom open. If you'd like it closed, trace the inside bottom of the frame and cut a piece of cardboard to fit. Tape it in place.

Step 7: Colors

Cut additional designs from colored or patterned papers.

Lay strips of tape along the back of each cardstock piece and place the colored papers within the spaces of the cardstock.

Step 8: Tape Backs

Lay packing tape along the entire back of each piece. Press firmly to ensure each paper insert sticks well to the tape. Trim the excess tape from the edges with a boxcutter.

Step 9: Glue

Hot glue each piece in place along the sides of the cardboard frame.

Step 10: Top

Use the triangle template you made earlier to cut decorative paper to cover the top.

Step 11: Hanger

To hang the lamp, cut a piece of cardboard 4"x4" and trim off the corners.

Cut a slice out of one side that ends at the center.

Step 12: Hanging

Thread the cord of your pendant lamp into the slice in the cardboard you made in the last step. Turn it sideways to slide it into the top and center it so that the lamp hangs from it.

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