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Introduction: Art From a Knitting Sampler

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I enjoy creating art using a variety of mediums, mostly natural ones. This wall hanging utilizes cotton, wool, steel, and wood.

The knitting portion took about 3 hours, and the display portion about another hour.

I have two other canvases on my wall in this particular room which I tried to bring the outdoors in. This third piece is a slightly different interpretation of those, and ties in nicely.

Step 1: Basketweave and Snake

For the 6" x 6" basketweave sampler,I used pink cotton yarn and US 6 needles.

Cotton yarn has little flexibility, compared to wool or acrylic, but also gives a crisper look to the stitches.

I made this knitting tube for an instructables contest for zip ties. It works so great! I have knitted probably 100' using it; still going strong!

Brain game

zip tie knitting tube 'ible

The green tube was made using two strands of green yarn in slightly different tones.

Step 2: Board and Nails

The wood is leftover hickory from our house build, and the nails are antique style flooring nails.

Gave it a good sanding, slightly rounded the edges, then gave it a coat of tung oil.

I wanted the holes in a slightly random pattern, to give more interest when I strung them with jute. Pre-drilling was necessary and made the hammering easy. I used a backer board and drilled all the way through. The nails ended up being hammered in just halfway.

Step 3: Floating the Sampler Onto Board

Using a yarn needle and jute, I centered the sampler onto the board and sewed through various points to attach to the nails.

Tightened any slack up slightly, then knotted and snipped.

Step 4: Sewing Tubes Into "vase" and Displaying

I tucked the two tubes in, and decided on a slightly off-balanced position, then sewed them to sampler using pink thread and needle.

Using two of the backs of the holes from the pre-drilling, I installed two wide-head screws, then wrapped wire around both of them.

I hammered a picture hanging hook onto the wall, and voila!

A great way to use up small amounts leftover from various projects.

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    7 weeks ago

    Ahhhhhhh!! What a fantastic idea. That looks so cool. :)