Introduction: Art Organizer

Today we will be making a simple but fun art organizer. The organizer is made out of an old glass jar, and is really easy to make! You will need a primer (white paint), any color spray paint you want (optional), pink paint, white paint, and black paint. It is quite simple, but it can help you organize anything.

Step 1: Paint Your Jar

Get any jar, and paint it white using your primer or paint. The primer will help other paints stick to the jar. Without your primer, the paint will peel!

If you would like your jar to be a different color, simply paint that color on top of the white coat of paint. Make sure it is dry before applying the next coat!

Step 2: Paint the Eyes and Mouth

After your paint has completely dry, use your black paint, and paint the eyes and mouth black. If you want, you can outline the mouth and eyes with a black marker, to be more precise.

Step 3: Paint the Mouth and Cheeks

After the black paint has completely dried, get your pink paint and draw a small line underneath the eyes, to make a blush. Then, use the remaining paint to paint a tongue, by drawing a small circle at the bottom right corner of the mouth.

Step 4: Paint the Eyes

After all the paint has dried completely, use your white paint, and paint the eyes. Take the paint and draw a small circle in the upper left corner, then use the paint to draw an even smaller circle underneath the first one. You can always make the face different from how I made it.

Step 5: Make a Bow Tie (optional)

After all the paint has dried, you can use a string and tie a small bow at the top of the jar, for a finishing touch.